What Foods Need to be Put In An Air-Tight Container? – See the list

Oxygen is vital to life on Earth. It can also destroy certain foods if there’s prolonged contact. Oxidation spoils food, degrades nutrients, and hinders flavor. Perishable foods, in particular, deserve placement in air-tight containers.

The keyword is ‘air-tight’ because not every container is. An air-tight kitchen container set maximizes freshness and preserves a food’s shelf life. Here is a list of common foods to put in an air-tight container.


Moisture and odors are the enemy of uncooked rice of any variety. There are specific rice containers that are air-tight, however, any air-tight container will do. Ensure your rice is kept fully sealed up.


Lots of people are switching to beans and vegetable-based proteins. Any time you buy dried beans or lentils, ensure they are being kept in air-tight containers. Beans, like other foods on this list, can grow stale quickly. Lock out air and moisture, and you’ll keep those beans fresh.


Find an air-tight pantry container to put your flour in. Though most people keep flour out, air, moisture, and odors can sink in quickly. Any excess air can impact the freshness of flour and therefore impacts how it behaves when it is being used for baking.


Another baking staple to keep inside a sealed pantry container is sugar. Sugar is hydroscopic, meaning it is chemically designed to attract and retain moisture. If you’ve ever seen sugar get clumpy, this is because moisture got in.

Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are affected in a big way by moisture and oxygen. This is why when you buy a Folgers or Maxwell House canister, it comes sealed. This is how you keep your coffee tasting beautifully fresh.

Herbs And Spices

Like sugar clumps, so can herbs and spices. That isn’t the biggest worry though. Herbs and spices quickly lose their flavor when they are exposed to oxygen and aren’t kept in sealed containers. To keep those aromas and freshness locked in, herbs and spices in pantry containers are a necessity.

Dried Fruits

Dehydrated fruits should be stored in an air-tight container. This will retain the flavor. As they’re dehydrated, you don’t necessarily need to worry about your fruit coming in contact with moisture. That said, they will lose taste and grow stale quickly when they’re exposed to oxygen without a seal.

Have your foods last longer but most importantly, retain their flavor. Air-tight containers that are dedicated to being used in your pantry and kitchen will undoubtedly keep things like coffee beans, herbs, spices, dehydrated fruits, and other foods and ingredients fresh. Shop pantry containers, air-tight containers, and more at Living.ca.

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