Top Trendy LED String Lights To Use Indoors Or Outdoors This Summer

LED string lights are affordable way to accentuate the charms of a backyard patio or deck. They’re also commonly utilized in homes, decorating bedrooms, adding soft glows around the dinner table, and creating romantic getaways for a couple at home.

The beauty about LEDs are that they’re so small, they can used in so many decorative ways. Suiting all sorts of aesthetics, any home décor style can benefit from a set of string lights.

These are just a few of the trends in LED string light design that are making waves this summer season.

Cactus String Lights

LED gold cactus string lights offer a cheeky and chic way to decorate a garden, bedroom, or living room. Cactus aesthetic is a look bubbling under the surface as one of the more deceptively popular LED light images.

5aae8 other brands lvc 13657 holiday lighting 10 led battery operated metal rose gold cactus string lights 5ft

Watermelon String Lights

LED watermelon string lights are tailor-made for a children’s bedroom or to be taken out in summer. Who doesn’t love a piece of watermelon on some of the hottest days of the year – a watermelon’s a dream! They’re a great summer LED light choice.

Pineapple String Lights

LED pineapple string lights utilize the millennial-friendly pineapple aesthetic to create an ultimate piece of décor.

Clear Bottle String Lights

LED clear bottle string lights are a great set of LEDs for an arts and crafts room. The clear bottles resemble mason jars. The LEDs fit in them naturally and securely. Hanging up these LEDS, they provide a sense of rustic charm you won’t find on other lights.

Metal Rose Gold String Lights

LED metal rose gold string lights defy the comment that you can’t go to LEDs for luxury. Metal rose gold is a charming material to use for anything. Dressing up a set of LEDs, metal rose gold resembles something extraordinary.

9966a other brands lvc 13658 holiday lighting 10 led metal rose gold 3d feather string lights battery operated

Butterfly String Lights

LED butterfly string lights are another trendy LED style. Butterflies are very artistic, colorful, and perfect for any sort of bedroom setup, indoor or outdoor garden, or any aesthetic that pulls from animals, colors, art, or plants.

Clip String Lights

LED clip string lights are the last trend on this list. They’re very adaptable. You can use them to create your own look. They’re a little plain unless you dress them up a bit. If you’re looking for a collection of string lights you can mold into your own thing, clip string lights are the best option.

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