Why You Need Running Socks If You’re A Runner

Any runner will tell you, it’s not as easy as one foot in front of the other. Runners that do it professionally know the ins and outs of it, and the science behind how to shift their weight, positioning of the foot, and how to preserve their performance long-term whether that’s long-distance running or a sprint.

Do you need running socks – most beginners don’t think so. They learn the hard way the advantages of using running socks in day-to-day training.

Running Socks Aren’t Athletic Socks And They Aren’t Shoes

Runners spend $100s on shoes, not realizing their footing can be compromised if their socks are not up to equal standard.

Running socks aren’t your typical set of socks. They aren’t quite athletic socks, either. They’re specifically designed to be used for running.

Most standard socks are made from cotton. Though comfy, cotton is known to retain heat, moisture, and cause unnecessary friction in running. They will leave your feet with heat rashes, blisters, and can actually ruin the smell of your running shoes.

Low cut running socks are made from fibers that are designed to, first and foremost, get rid of moisture. Polyester, acrylic, and Nylon are all materials used in this kind of sock. Merino wool is another option, an all-natural material that is breathable, wicks away moisture, and is also very reliable long-term.

Benefits Of Running Socks

  • Reduces blisters while running.
  • Due to improved breathability and running-specific construction, regulate heat better avoiding uncomfortable or unsightly rashes.
  • Increased thickness at the toe and heel, adding cushion and underfoot protection sans discomfort.
  • Wicks away moisture, reducing smells and discomfort.
  • Arch support is sometimes included in the design of running socks, featuring compression bands to help prevent plantar fasciitis.
  • Seamless toe design to minimize rubbing of the toes or bunching.
  • Anatomically-designed feet to assign one sock to the left and the other to right, although this depends on the exact type and brand of the running sock.
  • Helps to keep the feet comfortable, with mesh ventilation zones allowing more breathability.
  • They are long-term durable.

The biggest difference that exists between running socks and regular socks is measured in performance. You keep your feet in their best state to ensure you can zero in on having the performance of your life. No blisters, happy feet.

If you’ve never been in running socks, you may be surprised at how well they work. Especially combined with running shoes, a high-quality pair of socks will keep your mind from focusing on blisters, rashes, friction, and other common issues runners face every day.

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