How To Organize A Pantry To Look More Clean And Stylish

A pantry can be small and compact or tall and big. Either way, somehow, pantries always seem to get filled quickly and can easily end up looking very disorganized. Contrary to how space normally works in home design and decor, the bigger the pantry, the more cluttered things can feel.

Here are some ways to organize your pantry to make it look cleaner, a little more stylish, and accessible.

Remove What Doesn’t Have To Be There

Anything that doesn’t seem like it should belong in a pantry should be taken out. Any non-food you don’t use often, i.e. small kitchen appliances or dishes, can also be removed and put somewhere else.

Assign Sections For Different Foods

Once you’ve cleared out some space, the next step is assigning sections. Have an area for cereals, one for paste, another spot for canned goods, etc. Think about what you use most frequently and how accessible you need it.

Buy Food Storage Containers

When you buy food storage containers, you create a uniform look for your pantry. You can repackage certain items, i.e. pasta, dried fruit, beans, nuts, and more. This maximizes space and removes tacky logos, half-empty bags and boxes, and ultimately allows you more control in aesthetic.

Look For Organization Opportunities

There may be parts of your pantry underutilized. You may be able to install a shelf, put in an organizer or basket, or use under-shelf storage or over-the-door storage to add more space without cluttering up the place.

Install Shelving

There are lots of ways to put in pantry shelving. This is for pantries where you see vertical space going unused. If you aren’t comfortable stacking containers and items, a small shelf made from plastic or metal is a fair alternative.

Have An Inventory List

To get super-organized, have an inventory list tucked in behind or hanging on your door. Mark down anything you’re low on or that needs replenishing. Some pantry items aren’t going to be used often. You don’t want to go to make bread only to find out there’s not enough flour. Inventory tracking is boring at times but worth it in terms of knowing what you have.

Do I Have To Label?

People who organize love to label. Although you can, if you have see-through containers, you don’t necessarily have to. Labelling does add a more organized look though so if you are interested, labelling each container is certainly something to try.

Organize your pantry today with Find pantry-friendly shelving, OXO pantry containers, and lots of unique storage organizers that may fit into your kitchen or pantry.

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