Why to Switch to Commercial LED Lights for your Business

So you want to change to energy-efficient, high-performance commercial LED lights. As LEDs have helped to cut down on commercial electricity costs by 50 percent in some spaces, that’s significant. If you don’t already have LED lights installed in your commercial space, there are a few questions that need answering beforehand.


The advantages of commercial LED lights.

LED lights help in your day-to-day performance but also in increasing your property value. Leverage the implementation of LED lights to your advantage and increase your profits on commercial rentals or related sales. Also, feel good about doing something good for the planet. Prospective tenants or buyers will appreciate the investment and the potential to keep a building’s operating costs low.


What to look for in LED commercial fixtures.

LED products can sometimes be teamed with smart controls like dimming, light harvesting, and utility demand response. Think of what sort of features you want in your LEDs for today and tomorrow.


Why you need commercial LED lights.

If you’ve seen LED lights in application, you know what they can do. They provide great quality lighting, save on costs in the long-term by a significant margin, and are sure to meet your every lighting goal.


Decide where to put your LED lights.

Buildings equipped with illumination may see a change to LEDs as an expensive investment. Nevertheless, LEDs typically can run up to 60,000 hours – which is otherwise 7 years of continued illumination. What you’re going to save on maintenance alone is worth it. Take a look around to see where you hope to place yours. 24/7 exit stairs, hallways, and vast spaces in manufacturing, distribution, parking, hotel, and healthcare facilities are all popular places to put LEDs.


Where to buy your LEDs from.

Seek a commercial LED lights company who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to product performance, warranties, and what your upfront costs will be. By working with a Canadian manufacturer, you receive more support and can probably cultivate a better relationship.


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A Tribute to Neon Lights – Their History, Where They Came From, and Why They’re So Popular

Neon lights are absolutely beautiful indoors as a night light or for subdued, atmospheric lighting. Browsing Living.ca for example, you can find neon lights in flamingo, cactus, and star designs, alongside palm trees, unicorns, and hearts.

neon light from living.ca
neon light from living.ca

People of every age love neon lights and that’s been the case for decades. Tracing back the history of neon lights, today’s lights take inspiration of yesteryear’s neon signs. The first presence of neon gas of any variety came in 1898 in London, UK by William Ramsey and M. W. Travers. Almost by accident, in 1902, the world’s first neon lamp originated in the hands of Georges Claude who was a French engineer. He continued working on his neon lights for nearly a decade, eventually revealing them to the public in Paris in December, 1910.


Fast forward a little bit and the first company producing neon gas signs in the US was launched through Claude and a partner in 1923. It wasn’t long after that where neon lighting became a trendy go-to light fixture for outdoor advertising. Since then, they’ve been used almost everywhere. Hotels, gas stations, art exhibits, in residential homes, and all over. Neon lights have somehow become a timeless representation of western culture, and something which continues to have a place in homes all over Canada and the United States.


The first colors produced from neon glass are blue, white, gold, and red. In fact, red is the only glow neon gas produces. Other colors can be created however combining elements like phosphor, mercury, and argon. Using phosphor-coated tubes, there are now more than 150 different available colors. This has opened the doors, as it relates to what’s produced and how neon lights are used. Certainly, the many different colors have helped with the popularity of neon lights. Artists have come to utilize different components of neon lighting to spell out words like ‘LOVE’ and similar messages. These and similar cultural developments have kept neon lights popular throughout the years.


If you are seeking neon lights to implement in your bedroom, living room, in the kitchen, or somewhere else in the home, we have models available for as low as $6.99. Choose from your favourite models and get them on-sale today. For a child’s bedroom, neon lights are a sweet lighting product to keep things feeling safe and fun. Check out indoor neon night lights with holders from Living.ca today. Get them all for 30% off or m

Trick-or-Treat! Great deals on Halloween necessities at Living.ca

This Halloween, we have everything you need to serve door-to-door visitors and colleagues at work and school, as well as tote gear for going out trick-or-treating yourself and it’s all on sale now exclusively at Living.ca!


For starters, look at this Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Bowl Plastic with Halloween Decal BPA Free 12″ x 4.5″ in orange, regularly $5.99, lowered to just $1.79 for the rest of the month. Also available in green and purple, this bowl easily fits a hundred candies and features a cute, festive design of black cats, witches, and the like around the rim. Set it up at your front door, on the patio, or on your desk at the office and make sure everyone goes home with something sweet this year!


If you’re crazy about carving pumpkins, then check out the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kits, the 9 Pcs Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit Carving Tools, Saw, Scoop & Design Shapes on sale now for just $1.99 and the 4 Pcs Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit Carving Tools, Saw, Scoop, Tealight & Crayon, also just $1.99, available in a bundle for just $3.49.


These tools are safe, lightweight, easy to use, and make a great gift to new homeowners interested in participating in their neighbourhood’s Halloween decoration and trick-or-treating. Mix and match stencils to produce creative results, with the geometric shapes, mouth, saw and scoop, you can create the best Jack-O’-Lanterns and decorative porch pumpkins every time!


Our popular Halloween Pumpkin Pail Orange 8″ Diameter, usually $2.99, is on sale now for just $0.99! This deep, smiling pumpkin pail is great for ambitious and competitive trick-or-treaters who wanna visit every house twice! Fill it up with candies and serve party guests, coworkers and classmates, or add some decorative lighting and hang it up on the ceiling or outdoor patio roof.


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The best Halloween Costume Ideas on sale for cheap at Living.ca!

We’re halfway through the month of October already and Halloween is fast approaching. You already declined the invitation to dress up or didn’t expect to make plans, but now you need something quick, easy and affordable to wear to celebrate Halloween this year? Look no further than Living.ca!


Consider getting the Halloween Evil Eyes Light-Up Mask Adult Batteries Included 10″x7″, regularly $29.99, on sale now for just $10.99, and available in limited supply in three styles! This one-size-fits-all adult Halloween mask features battery-powered eyes that light-up, with batteries included, so you can throw it on top of a dark outfit and be ready to attend the costume contest on campus or pass out candy to neighbourhood kids with minimal effort! Made out of all natural materials that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, this mask is great for costumes all year round.


Check out the Halloween Crazy Clown Mask Evil Clown Frontal Latex Mask 10″ x 8″, usually $29.99, on sale now for just $4.99! Available in green, red, or white, this full-faced latex mask takes the effort out of applying messy clown makeup to your face so you can simply put it on and get out the door to attend the events of the evening. Colourful hair, scary teeth, and fully latex, just leave it in a well-ventilated place for a few days before wearing it to get rid of the smell and adjust the fit by stretching it and cutting the eyeholes open as necessary.


Last, but certainly not least, look at this popular Halloween Bobble Hedz Mask Combo, including Trump Mask + Putin Mask + Kim Jong-un Mask, priced to sell, down from $59.97 to just $9.99! These goofy, oversized authoritarian world leader masks are sure to spark controversy wherever you wear them this Halloween. Fun for year-round trolling, walk into any party this October and you’ll be starring on social media stories faster than the President can get the nuclear codes!


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Unique Halloween decorations on sale now at Living.ca!

This October, if you’ve just gotta go all out decorating your home with ghouls, ghosts, creepy-crawlies, or whatever, then we’ve got the best deals for you on indoor and outdoor decorations exclusively at Living.ca!


This Halloween, why don’t you add a little more spook to your doorway to scare trick-or-treating neighbours with this Halloween Animated Eyeball Haunted Doorbell with Light up Eyes & Spooky Sounds, originally priced at $25.99, now on sale for only $9.99, and available in two styles. This cheap and easy to install novelty eyeball doorbell lights up, moving around and blinking, and makes terrifying sounds when rung, so you can get the most fright and delight out of all the visitors who come knocking at your front door. Measuring 20cm tall, 13.5cm wide, and 5cm in depth, this doorbell operates using 3 AAA batteries, included in the box.


If you’re a fan of spirits and visitors from the afterlife, then we’ve got just the thing for you with this Halloween Hanging Ghost with Chain 39″ x 35″ in white, regularly $18.59, now on sale for just $7.59! This approximately 100cm tall hanging ghost figure can be hung up in your patio, front porch, or front yard tree to give trick-or-treaters on their way up from the sidewalk on the big night. The mixed material body, complete with spooky face and chained up hands, is sure to send a shiver down the spine of any neighbourhood children who dare approach your front door this Halloween season. Also available in green and black, get it while supplies last!


We even have this fun Halloween Hanging Ghost Lantern 4Ft, normally $39.99, now just $12.99, in limited quantity. The four-foot hanging lantern is designed in the shape of a ghost, with two simple eye sockets and a black hat, giving it the appearance of dressing up for Halloween night, too! Easy to install wherever you need it, indoors or out, set it up at your monster mash and give your guests a giggle or a fright.


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Halloween Essentials on sale now at Living.ca!

If you have lots of kids in your neighbourhood, home, or community to treat this Halloween, then we have all the must-have items you need this year to celebrate the holiday with them exclusively at Living.ca! We know it’s important for families to keep their spending within budget, so we’re proud to announce reduced prices on all our Halloween gear leading up to the big night.


In this article, we’ve prepared a short list of things you might like to have on hand if you’re throwing a monster mash of any sort this October.


Top of the list is the Halloween Plastic Candy Bags Trick or Treat Goody Bags 4″x6″ 60Pcs, originally priced $4.99, is on sale now for just $0.69 per package. Each contains 60 goody bags, so you can customize what treats you pass out to door-to-door trick-or-treaters, build little gift bags to send home with guests and visitors, or prepare assortments of goodies for coworkers, friends, and family. Each bag features pumpkins and ghosts with goofy expressions on their faces, making them appropriate for young kids who scare easily and joyful events for adults. Available in two different styles, sold separately.


We also have this Halloween Makeup Kit 8 Carnival Colors Washable with Applicator, once $2.59, now only $0.79! This wee cosmetics kit includes all the colours you need to do up faces for costumes, whether you’re going as a vampire, zombie, witch or wizard, it’s fun for the whole family and cheaper than the dollar store where you can often fall prey to surprise price markups.


Lastly, we’ve got these Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Window Clings Stickers, normally $4.99, now just $0.89 per set, depending on which one you pick, with the premium pumpkin set priced at just $3.49 each. In limited quantities, these stickers and window clings come in a variety of styles: pumpkins, ghosts, bats, spiders, skulls, and ghouls. Hang them up in your windows at home, at work, or in your classroom to spice up your typical festive décor this year with this bright all-day, all-night decorative sticker collection


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Halloween Lighting on sale at Living.ca!

Boo! Did we scare you? It’s no trick, we’ve got some great deals and reduced prices on all our Halloween lights this year exclusively at Living.ca! Whether you’re looking for something to illuminate your front yard, patio, or living space, then we’ve got what you need all in one location online.


For instance, check out our fantastic Halloween Mini Indoor String Lights Set 50 Lights 12Ft (3.66m) in Orange, originally $9.99, now marked down to just $3.49. The end-to-end connectable string lights come boxed with two replacement bulbs and one replacement fuse, so you can order a bunch of them to install indoors for parties, dinners, and even a haunted house and rest assured that all your other decorations and supplies will have ample lighting. Also available in purple, these efficient, environmentally-friendly lights are a must-have item every year and can be used throughout the year to light up your dorm room, apartment, basement or garage.


We also have these Halloween Glitter Flickering LED Tealights Battery Included x2 Pcs in Orange, Black, or Purple, usually $4.99, now on sale for just $0.99. Measuring 1.5” by 1.4”, these little tealights come with batteries included and feature a flickering, soft amber light on a glitter-covered base. They make great decorations for dining room tables, potluck and buffet-style events, bathrooms, hallways, and patios. They’re good to use all year round, especially during the fall and winter months when all you wanna do is stay cozy indoors.


Plus, you can consider these Halloween LED Pumpkin Paper Lanterns Indoor Warm White x 10, 5.4Ft in length, normally $28.99, on sale now for just $9.19 each. These happy looking pumpkin faces are superb for lighting up a space indoors, whether at home, work, or school, wherever you’re celebrating this year. Durable, safe, and fun, the whole string of lanterns (1.65m long) is powered by two AA batteries, not included, making them suitable for decorating in hard to reach places without need for an outlet.


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