Why your Bluetooth Smart Scale can be the Ultimate Motivator to Weight Loss

Stay on track with your weight loss goals this year with your very own Bluetooth smart scale. Accountability is so important when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape. If you’re proving to be successful with your weight loss goals, you should know about it. If you’re not accomplishing what you want weight loss-wise, knowing about it is an opportunity to change.

Living.ca Basic smart scale
Living.ca Basic smart scale

The advantages of a Bluetooth smart scale is that it comes with many important features. Through an app you download on your phone, track how much weight you’ve lost, and how your health and wellness goals are going. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know there are successes alongside failures. Not every day is a winner and if you’re not monitoring your food, it can be tremendously easy to overeat or eat the wrong foods. Nevertheless, even if you don’t have a specific numbered goal, a scale is a necessity to keep you on the right track.


Featuring bio-electrical impedance analysis technology, your Bluetooth scale is tracking up to twelve metrics all at the same time. Unlike what we used to think decades ago, being healthy is not all about getting your weight down. It’s about so much more. For this reason, in addition to weight, a smart scale works to measure your BMI, fat percentage, obesity percentage, muscle percentage, visceral fat percentage, protein, bone mass, BMR, water percentage, LBM, and body age.


These readings serve a huge benefit in analyzing how your overall health is coming along. Now, it’s worth keeping in mind these readings are primarily estimates – which is all you’re going to get from smart technologies like smart watches, Fitbits, and similar products.  They all provide, to varying degrees of accuracy, estimates. Notwithstanding, over time, your Bluetooth smart scale remains a way to analyze overall health and ensure you’re still on track with everything. It’s about more than weighing yourself.


When you’re just getting one number on your scale, it’s one number to fixate on. It doesn’t take into account the muscle you’re building, either. Muscle weighs more than fat and anyone exercising is going to build muscle. That’s going to stabilize or possibly increase weight, while simultaneously reducing their fat content.


In our view, the traditional single-number scale doesn’t work and is an oversimplified way of looking at health. Do your health a favor and invest in a Bluetooth scale from Living.ca! It’s the perfect companion to your weight loss journey and when paired with your app, you’ll find a range of statistics to help you make the call on whether you need to change what you’re doing.

Use a High-Tech Mirror to Reduce Blind Spot Collisions and Protect Yourself

Blind-spot collisions are common, especially driving in the city where you’re surrounded by pedestrians, cyclists, parked cars, and all sorts of activity going on. Almost every day now in Toronto, someone is struck and sometimes with fatal consequences by drivers who are not checking the roads prior to making a turn, who aren’t paying attention in general, or who can’t see their blind spots. A simple mirror strategically placed outside your vehicle however can change all that.


As a driver, you have two mirrors outside the vehicle – one to the left side and one on the passenger’s side. We recommend placing a third and fourth mirror, each underneath the indicated mirrors you already have. The third and fourth mirrors are small, 360-degree rotatable mirrors manufactured with the specific purpose of giving a driver view of their blind spot on both sides. They’re very easily adjusted and can help a driver figure their way in and out of tight situations.


From our perspective, the more visibility, the better. A mirror like this is multi-purpose. Adjust the angle as you see fit and if you’re nervous about certain areas around your vehicle, install additionals. Using a mirror like this, you can forecast your surroundings any time passing or changing lanes and ensure you remain a safe driver at every opportunity. For cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and even RVs, these are perfect and should be on every vehicle. Today, when a driver changes lanes, they check their mirrors and do a shoulder check – at least, you’re supposed to. Some get lazy and simply check their mirrors. That’s not acceptable.


In Canada, it’s estimated there are roughly 84,000 blind spot related accidents every year. Automobiles manufactured today have collision-avoidance systems and blind-spot alerts however these are not included in every vehicle. In fact, in some, you only receive these as additions on upgraded vehicles. If you don’t have one of these systems in your car, we strongly recommend getting set up with a mirror that’s going to give you the same oversight. See everything surrounding your vehicle and be confident, after you do your usual checks, you’re transitioning safely into another position on the road.


No one wants to be the vehicle that hits another vehicle, collides with a pedestrian, cyclist, or curb. As a driver, always check prior to making any modification to your current position on the road. Visit Living.ca to see our 360-degree rotatable car mirror. It’ll help keep your vehicle safe getting in and out of parking spaces, as well as in checking your blind spots.


Relieve Foot Pain with Arch Support and other Helpful Recommendations

Foot pain is a ton of trouble. Unlike shoulder pain, stomach pain, or a headache, it’s likely with every step you’re going to feel it. For thousands of Canadians, they struggle with foot pain on a daily basis. Whether it’s waking up with pain already in your heels or coming home after a long day’s work and really feeling the burn, foot pain is something very real and it affects people from all walks of life. If foot pain has got you down, change things up and we’re sure you’ll find a way to reduce those pain levels.

foot arch support from living.ca
foot arch support from living.ca

Foot pain can come from many sources, including bunions, sports injuries, or damage of some kind. Untreated injuries on the bottom of your feet may go away in time or it may worsen. Nevertheless, pain in this area usually corresponds to how much pressure is being put on as well as the amount of walking that’s being done. If you’re doing a lot of walking on a daily basis, it’s even more important to ensure you have proper shoes, proper arch support, and anything else you can get your hands on to help protect your foot.


If you’re serious about getting rid of that foot pain, you may need to buy some new shoes. Footwear like heels or cheap dress shoes are not great at protecting one’s feet. Even though you might love the way your foot looks in your favourite pair of shoes, you can’t be wearing them if they’re causing ongoing pain. So switch things up with something that accommodates your toes, the size of your feet, and which is not going to squish them. To this point, give your feet a quick measure. What you may find is you may have smaller, bigger, or wider feet than you think.


Beyond getting a decent pair of shoes, you want some orthopedic arch support inserts to help support your feet. Using arch supports, you alleviate the constant pressure that’s put on certain parts of your foot. Arch supports and similar orthotic products can be purposed in almost any footwear. This can help turn some nice dress shoes into something more comfortable. If you’re coming home at the end of the day and you’re still feeling sore, soak your feet in cold water. That’s right, we said cold water – not hot. Although warm water will soothe your feet and make you feel better, it’ll also cause swelling which means you may hurt more the next day. Comparatively, cold water reduces inflammation. Buy arch supports and gel orthotics for shoes of all sizes from Living.ca today. Give your feet something to really sink into!

How to make Better Coffee at Home with these Simple Tips

Creating the perfect cup of coffee is easy, once you have a little bit of experience under your belt and once you’ve experimented a little with the process.


The right cup of coffee will set your mood just right. Any coffee lover knows they’ll save tons by making their brew at home, instead of grabbing overpriced coffee at any of the number of corporate joints occupying your downtown. Anyone serious about achieving more flavorful coffee, here are some tips to consider.


Fresh beans

Coffee tastes the best when it’s made using beans recently roasted. Don’t buy bulk. Buying from local roasters, that’s how you get the freshest beans. Also, oxygen and bright lights are the absolute worst for ruining a coffee bean’s flavor. Prior to buying, if you are shopping at a corporately-owned chain, ensure your beans are kept in strong, vacuum-sealed bags.

Buy cheap coffee maker at living.ca
Buy cheap coffee maker at living.ca


Storing your beans

After you’ve purchased your coffee beans, store them in an airtight container. Canning jars and/or ceramic storage crocks with a rubber-gasket seal are ideal options. Never refrigerate roasted beans as they are prone to taking up moisture and odors. Also, coffee beans shouldn’t ever be frozen as this can also negatively impact the taste. Ideally, a maximum 7-day supply is recommended and should be stored at room temperature.


Buying better coffee

Sometimes, if you’re not getting what you want from your coffee’s taste profile, switch things up with a different brand. There are plenty of unique coffee flavors out there, some marketed according to country or region. Searching out new flavors, Arabica and Robusta are two of the most popular and available beans out there. Arabica is more widely produced and is largely considered to be the ‘better bean’. Comparatively, Robusta has a higher caffeine content however it can have some very harsh flavors.


Better quality water

Believe it or not, tap water with chlorine can completely ruin a cup of coffee. Coffee experts recommend bottled spring water, or activated-charcoal or carbon filters. Please note distilled water is not recommended as it creates terrible tasting coffee. The minerals in natural water are essential to crafting the expected taste.


High-quality coffee filters

Cheap coffee filters will give you a cheap cup of coffee. Oxygen-bleached or dioxin-free paper filters are the best. They’ll give you the flavor profile you want and won’t take away any of the positives you want.


For a cup of coffee or espresso, feel encouraged to shop Canada’s best coffee makers and espresso machines with Living.ca. Available on-sale, you’ll receive maximum flavor and some absolutely amazing coffee!

See Canada’s Top 4 Energy-Efficient Space Heaters to keep Warm in Winter

Every winter, Canadians see their electricity bills increase and the coldness set in. For rooms struggling to keep warm in your home, you may want to equip them with a small space heater. If that’s the reality you’re dealing with, here are Canada’s top 4 space heaters perfect for winter!


Ceramic oscillating tower space heater

buy ceramic heater in Canada
buy ceramic heater in Canada

As one of the favourite space heaters bought by Canadians, this ceramic tower heater comes with 1,500 watts of power behind it. See it heat up within minutes and enjoy features such as a shut-off timer, thermostat control, overheating protection, and a remote control included. As glorious a time as winter can be some years, in others, it can be just plain miserable at times. Using a ceramic space heater like this can help maintain some warmth in the room. Don’t let that temperature drop!


Oil-filled radiator portable space heater

As the most visually stunning design you’ll see in the Living.ca catalogue, this oil-filled radiator heater is a portable space heater you can bring with you anywhere in the home. It’s energy-efficient, comes with an adjustable thermometer, prioritizes safety with overheat protection, and is ETL-certified. Let’s face it. Winter can be pretty bleak. The days are short and, once Christmas has come to an end, things can get pretty stark. Investing in a space heater like this keeps you enjoyably warm.


Portable ceramic heater 750 watts/1,500 watts


A smaller version of the aforementioned tower heater, your portable ceramic heater heats up within seconds and is perfect for application on the tabletop or floor. Your portable ceramic heater can also oscillate by 70 degrees. Enjoy features like three adjustable power options, overheat protection, safety tip-over switch, an ETL certification, and of course, portability. Take this with you wherever you go, if you have to venture further out into the wilderness this winter. As long as there’s the potential for snow on the ground, you don’t want to be locked indoors without a heater to keep things toasty.


Electric heating pad

Admittedly, the last entry on this list isn’t a space heater. If you’re only one person to a room though, you might appreciate this. An electric heating pad in king-size fits neatly in a bed and can help keep you warm underneath the covers. Anyone prone to getting cold in the middle of the night, instead of reaching for the thermostat, set up your electric heating pad. Features include a coral fleece and warp knitting frabric, voltage up to 120-volts, power up to 85 watts, multiple temperature settings, overheat protection, and an automatic switch-off after 120 minutes.


Browse these 4 energy-efficient space heaters and plenty of other winter-friendly items at Living.ca.

The Ultimate Guide to Using an Essential Oil Diffuser with Tips and Tricks

Natural, holistic remedies to a variety of health challenges could be a click away for you with aromatherapy essential oil diffusers.


Aromatherapy has been for centuries, used by cultures all over the world. What are known as ‘essential oils’ are actually compounds extracted from plant materials? They are used for everything from treating physical illness to mental illness and relaxation.

Essential oils should not be ingested but rather, applied topically or taken in through inhalation. Using an essential oil diffuser, all you need to do is apply 3-5 drops to 100 milliliters of water in a diffuser. Alternatively, you may also use 2 drops per teaspoon in a carrier oil such as almond oil. The following are some of the most popular essential oils.


  • Lavender: This is one of the best known essential oils and is used for relaxation, help with sleep and to reduce anxiety.
  • Tea Tree: This is commonly used topically to treat rashes, insect bites, nail fungus, and head lice.
  • Frankincense: Believers suggest frankincense to relieve chronic stress, anxiety, skin diseases, and coughs and colds.
  • Peppermint: As a mild stimulant, peppermint oil induces alertness and is used to combat a range of things, including headaches, nausea, coughs, fatigue, and travel sickness.
  • Orange: Uplifting and energizing, orange as an essential oil is anti-inflammatory and helps to relax muscle spasms.


Now, when you buy an essential oil diffuser from Living.ca, there are a lot of bullet points you’ll want to know. An essential oil diffuser will generally last up to 10 hours and covers spaces up to 200 square feet in size.


You’ll notice your diffuser operates super quietly. It also has a large capacity of up to 300 ml of water, producing 30 ml of moisture every hour. The exact model from Living.ca, in addition to being an aromatherapy diffuser, can be used as a humidifier and night light as well.


If you don’t want to use any of the aforementioned oils in your diffuser, you certainly don’t have to. After you have your aromatherapy diffuser, you can use any number of different oils in it. It doesn’t hurt to look into what oils might be best for you. For example, if you want to treat something like dry skin, specific essential oils you will want to use include frankincense, rose, helichrysum, lavender, and geranium. It’s all what you want to use it to treat and what the true purpose of your essential oil diffuser is.

3 of Canada’s Best Space Heaters you can find Warmth in this winter!

At Living.ca, we consider ourselves home experts. We sell products that appeal to what Canadians want in their homes and to this point, we know how important being toasty in the wintertime is.

If you’re looking to heat up rooms in your home this winter with space heaters, you’ve come to the right place. So the next time you start to feel a chill coming on, instead of cranking up the heat, check in with any of these top space heaters.


Portable ceramic heater 1500-watts – $29.99

portable ceramic heater
portable ceramic heater

Small and portable, adjust the thermostat in any tiny space such as a small apartment, a small bedroom, or a loft. Your portable ceramic heater heats up within seconds, has overheat protecting, and can be stationed across any tabletop or positioned on the floor. In terms of versatility, this is one of the most impressive models on the market. Choose from a high 1500 watt option, low 750 watt option, and fan only. It’s also very quiet compared to other models.


Ceramic tower heater 1500-watts – $49.99

This ceramic tower heater is a little bigger than its predecessor, is still very portable, and comes with a remote control. Enjoy overheat protection, a shut-off timer, thermostat control, and more. The remote control, for a lot of Canadians is a huge coup. Easily adjust the temperature in the room from the comfort of the couch or in bed. The size also ensures the radiant heat is produced at a higher rate, sending it out throughout a room easy.


Oil-filled radiator heater – $42.99

The oil-filled radiator heater is an energy-efficient space heater with overheat protection, adjustable temperature, and portability. The 1500-watt oil-filled radiator sends out fast, lasting heat ideal for any room between 108 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft. If you have a sizeable master bedroom or the main living space that needs a space heater, this is a great option. Little to no noise involved, it’s also permanently sealed with oil – that means it never needs to be refilled.


These are all safe, powerful space heaters and they’re all very easily moved ensuring they’re a good fit for any home. For the right space heater for you, think of the rooms you’re trying to heat. Each of these is a different size and style. Depending on what you need, you may need a large room heater, a space heater for your desk, or an alternative arrangement. Shop your favourite space heaters like these and others at Living.ca.