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Check out our super popular Chrome 3-Shelf Shelving Storage, just $35.99, in limited supply! This height-adjustable storage shelving unit has a tough steel structure that’s sturdy and boasts superior carrying capacity, 40kg per shelf. The wheel-lockable unit that’s 86cm tall, with 35cm x 60cm shelves, that’s anti-rust-and-dust.

The SortWise™ Pinewood Wine Rack, normally $49.99, is on sale until October 31, now for just $34.99. This 27 3/8ths tall wooden wine rack holds up to 36 bottles of house wines and is DIY installation that’s quick and easy. Use it in your kitchen, dining room, or cellar to simply store wine and to show off your collection to guests.


Or get the nifty LIVINGbasics™ Pineapple Slicer, for just $6.99! This Stainless-Steel Fruit Core Remover is a tool specially designed for removing the innards of a pineapple and make it quick and easy to serve, by cutting underneath the skin, so you can quickly bake a fruitcake or blend margaritas that are simple to garnish. Get creative with preparing pineapple-based desserts, drinks, and dishes, especially great on ham roasts and pizza.


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Halloween Party Games you may want to Give a Try for your Adults-Only Affair

As adults, maybe your love of Halloween has faded a little bit. After all, we don’t get the candy we used to in our trick-or-treating years and sometimes, seeing the fun others are having on the spookiest of days, it can be a little sad. For adults, the best Halloween fun is always had with friends, family, and those we don’t know in the shadows of a Halloween party.


A great way to get to know others and share in the Halloween experience is to engage in some party games. Dress up in your best costume, take on a character for the night, and enjoy it with friends on a party game. Ranging from sexy to scary, there’s no shortage of possible games you could give a try if you’re attending an adults-only affair.


Horror Movie Trivia


Using classic horror movies as a basis for trivia, this can be a great chance to show off your knowledge. If you and your friends have a favourite scary TV show – a la American Horror Story, Stranger Things, or Castle Rock – this could be another source to use for trivia. Browse online for free trivia questions or come up with your own based around your favourite Halloween-friendly media.


Halloween Charades


Charades is a game that can be easily modified for the occasion and the audience. Consider finding a Halloween-friendly charades game or DIY your own. If you’re in the company of adults only, you can make your charades game as suggestive and obscene as you like.


Bobbing for Apples in Wine


Sort of like an adults-updated apple bobbing game, instead of using water, consider using an alcoholic beverage. Though something like a red wine could leave everyone looking like a vampire for the night, this is one suggestion that could be fun for some crowds. If you don’t want to use red wine though, look into other beverages that could make sense.


Death-Dodging ‘Bucket of Doom’


The Bucket of Doom Halloween party game presents different scenarios to players, encouraging them to think of how they’d escape. If you don’t want to seek out the Bucket of Doom game itself, you can always create your own with a mix of different scenarios. For example, it could be a scenario as simple as being left behind on Mars or something as obscene as being shrunk down and trapped inside an elephant’s butt. It’s all up to you how you want to build the game.


If you’re not already attending a Halloween party, consider throwing your own! At, you’ll find the best deals, discounts, and exclusives on Halloween party supplies, decorations, costumes, and more. Shop today and begin planning your next amazing Hall

3 Essential Small Home Appliances to take with you to University or College

There are some college essentials, when moving out of your parents’ place, which can sometimes get lost in the mix. The last thing any student wants is to get to college or university and realize they don’t have the small home appliances that they need. is one of Canada’s fastest growing small home appliance eCommerce sites. We invite new and returning students to college and university to visit to browse high quality small home appliances at cheap prices.


Browse small home appliances like an electric stainless steel kettle for $19.99, an 1800W portable digital induction cooktop countertop burner for $49.99, and an amazing 16-in-1 multi-use programmable pressure cooker for $59.99.


If you’re looking for some essential small home appliances at lesser price points, you can check out’s digital body bathroom weight scale for $9.99, lightweight hair dryer and blow dryer for $14.99, handheld garment steamer for $19.99, or an essential oil diffuser for $19.99.


These are not the sorts of things you want to be dropping in on roommates to use or going back to your parents’ place for. Even if you’re on a budget, we think taking with you your top three small home appliances can provide a good amount of comfort.


University or college is not always an easy place to be. With limited money, shopping for dorm room essentials can be a not-so-great experience. For the things you aren’t willing to borrow, shop with Get the products we mentioned and others at killer deals, and take them with you to wherever your education career may venture. Don’t be overwhelmed thinking about all the things you can’t bring with you to your dorm or student residence. Instead, focus in on how to maximize your dollar. Shopping in-store can be a lot of work.


This is all why continues to be so appealing to students who don’t have the time to go searching for the perfect weight scale, blow dryer, or pressure cooker. All these products you can find in our catalogue. Also, when putting in an order above $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


As young people embark on the next stage of their lives, there’s no reason to do so without the small home appliances they need. Do university or college the right way and don’t be worried about not finding the right place. Shop with, save money, and fill your space with everything you need to make the most of living sans parents.

What is an Infrared Thermometer and Do I need one for me – all your Questions answered!

An infrared thermometer analyzes an object’s temperature by identifying the thermal radiation emitted from what’s being measured. Infrared thermometers are also sometimes referred to as ‘laser thermometers’, ‘non-contact thermometers’, or ‘temperature guns’. All in all, these are all the same tool. If you’re seeking the right tool to help measure temperature at a distance, an infrared thermometer is exactly it.


A non-contact IR infrared thermometer is hard to find at a great price. Visit today, one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce solutions, to find an amazing infrared thermometer at a fraction of the cost you may pay elsewhere. The PrimeCables model provides all the unique advantages of a digital temperature gun sensor for only $16.99. Features include sound notification, laser target pointer, a measuring range of up to 380 degrees Celsius, and powered entirely by two AAA size batteries.


Using this non-contact infrared digital thermometer, all a user needs to do is point, aim, and measure. In an instant, receive a reading based on surface temperature measurements. The laser visual guidance is a big advantage as well, letting you know you’re scanning the right spot at all times. Practical in both indoor and outdoor situations, measure extreme temperatures with ease. Be it to identify the temperature of internal electronic components to oven temperatures, the measurement range included surpasses that of similar products. Exceeding the boiling points of many materials, there’s no telling the limitations of use for this infrared thermometer.


As a Canadian homeowner, if you are in need of a non-contact thermometer on a regular basis, you can’t go wrong with the PrimeCables model. Please note that infrared thermometers emit no radiation and are not considered harmful to kids. Technically, an infrared thermometer can even be used to measure the temperature of a human being’s forehead. Do keep in mind that infrared thermometers measure predominantly surface temperatures rather than internal temperatures thus using it for food safety purposes may have its limitations.


For more information on where to buy an infrared thermometer in Canada, shop Providing customers with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, combine this purchase with other products to meet the threshold.


Use an infrared thermometer today to obtain accurate temperature readings instantly without ever having to make contact from tool to object. The PrimeCables’ digital temperature gun is second-to-none in application and first in line on price. Shop with today.

Get a Bluetooth Smart Scale for under $20 with Delivery to anywhere in Canada from

Bluetooth smart scales to track things like weight, body fat, and more are a favourite among Canadian consumers. Ideal for Canadian families seeking to live healthy but also perfect for more general multi-person households, a Bluetooth smart scale for under $20 can help in identifying improvements and losses across a range of different health measurements.


For the perfect wireless Bluetooth body fat scale involving smart weighing up to 396 pounds, shop with to receive the best price. For only $19.99, enjoy over a dozen unique features included with this Bluetooth smart scale. For example, you know how you can create different accounts on Netflix, giving each member of the family their own cue. Well, with this Bluetooth scale, store up to eight unique user profiles, tracking weight, body fat, and more. Tap into one’s own statistics through a smartphone app and begin improving your health right away!


This Bluetooth smart scale is also eligible for fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, on orders above $49. FDA, CE, FCC, ROHS, and SGS certified, the under-$20 smart scale comes with bio-electrical impedance analysis technology and is powered by USB port charging lithium battery. Complete with four sensitive electrodes and on a 6mm tempered glass platform, it looks high-tech, it is high-tech, and it’s something that we know you’ll appreciate. The hidden LED screen integrated into this trendy design easily matches any bathroom or bedroom aesthetic. Rest assured knowing you’re getting accurate readings on auto calibration settings and high precision sensors that measure in increments of 0.2 lbs. or 0.1 kg up to maximum capacity.


From, this highly impressive Bluetooth scale is wireless, digital, and capable of measuring and estimating body fat percentage, body water percentage, visceral fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR, BMI, weight, protein, obesity, body age, LBM, and more. Synchronize these measurements to paired ready devices and have that information accessible any time.


The days of using a single number measuring weight as the predictor for how healthy a person is are over. A Bluetooth scale like this provides more information into the full state of your health, showing off the positive impact nutrition and the gym can have. Even as one’s weight changes, it’s important to have other indicators which at times are far more reliable at determining health.


Shop your Bluetooth bathroom scale at today and save money with a sale price under $20. They say that no ordinary scale can accurately measure one’s success in health, nutrition, and fitness. Despite this, your wireless Bluetooth scale is no ordinary scale – buy it today!

See one of the Best Selling Hair Dryers in Canada and begin re-shaping your Hair Today

The best selling hair dryers in Canada come at a high cost for consumers. Some are willing to spend upwards of $100s for hair dryers. As long as it gets them the perfect blowout, any cost is fine. For the majority of us who just want a great hair dryer, cost matters. If cost matters and you don’t want to have to set foot in a salon every week to get your hair just right, consider

As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies in small home appliances, has one of Canada’s top hair dryers on sale for $14.99. Lightweight and 1,875 watts, this heavy duty LIVINGbasics branded hair dryer is one model you can rely on. Complete with its cool air button and dual overheat protection, choose from three-heat and two-speed settings. The hair dryer comes with 16,000 RPM, an ALCI safety plug, and included in the $14.99 package is a concentrator and diffuser.


Needless to say, there are a lot of reasons why Canadians are interested in hair dryers like these. The overheat protection component is very advantageous as it ensures the temperature never rises too high and the flame-retardant aspect of it is unquestionably important as well. The instant-release cool air can help lock in a style quickly. The wave-shape heating wire gives faster and more balanced heat as well. With all these features, in addition to the fact that it’s on sale for a limited time, makes it a tough deal to pass on for most.

Receive your hair dryer from and try it out for yourself. See professional results that you can achieve at home. Sure, there are lesser versions of hair dryers out there for under $10. They don’t look and feel like this one though. If you’re looking for added features and protection, this is the best hair dryer you’ll find at this price point. Use this hair dryer today and see smooth locks, frizz-free hair, and an all-around gorgeous, healthy look.

Though they may appear attractive, don’t go for the models priced at $100, $200, $300, or $400. Instead, go with and see the results for yourself. More than worth the price, however inexpensive you may see it, you can dry your wet hair in minutes and re-imagine yourself in the light you see fit. For these reasons and others, this is why the LIVINGbasics model can be held up against any of Canada’s best and still have a place among the best selling hair dryers in the nation.

Get a Bucket of Paint, Supplies, and Tools, and re-paint every Bedroom

Have you ever re-painted a room in your home – if you haven’t, try it. See how much you can change just by changing the color of a bedroom or a room in the ome. Canadian homeowners re-paint every year by the millions, for this reason. All you need is a bucket of paint, some supplies, tools, and the ambition to get it done. Shop all your paint supplies today with and enjoy some of the highest quality product at the lowest prices possible.

paint brush accessories
paint brush accessories

As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce names, the paint supplies category includes paint brushes and paint rollers, paint kits, trays, liners, paint gear, and other paint accessories. Some of the better deals we got going right now is a foam painting brush for $0.31, high quality painter pants for $8.33, flat painting brush for $2.72, paint trays for $0.95, dust masks for general use in non-toxic protection for $2.56, paint mixers for $2.56, microfiber roller refills for $1.10, and more.


Though these are all more or less basic paint supplies, they can add up in cost rather quickly. By purchasing from the same place, you can get a better deal than if you buy them separately. Furthermore, when you go through, you’ll receive the best quality products in paint supplies at a fraction of the cost you’ll pay with a corporate retailer or with Amazon. Paint is a huge multi-billion dollar industry. Needless to say, there’s plenty of opportunity for consumers to save money so don’t overspend with another brand. Choose for all the necessary supplies and you’ll be glad you did.


Please feel encouraged to browse other product categories with including hand tools, power tools, electrical, hardware, and more. For DIY home improvement projects, has got more than enough to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.


We’ve already sold supplies to thousands of Canadians working on residential projects and community painting projects. Through, you can buy cheap while still getting the quality of product you need. That’s why we’re one of the highest recommended eCommerce brands in Canada in this space.


Get the chance to re-paint as many rooms in the home as you feel. You’ll be surprised by how new, clean, and positive things will look when you’re done. The ongoing painting process can also be really therapeutic. These are all things that deeply supports. So if you’re in need of a bucket of paint, some paint supplies, and the tools you need to get a major or minor painting project done, check in with and we’ll get you everything you need.