Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad from!

Christmas gift ideas for Dad are everywhere all throughout our Christmas gift ideas catalogue at!

We’ve got something for every dad this holiday season with a wide selection of great products for home, work, and life. Whether your dad is a handyman, a businessman, or a grease monkey, we’ve got something for you to give him to show him your respect and care this holiday season.

Take for instance our super popular Professional Watch Repair Kit, just $11.99! This 13-piece toolkit includes everything necessary for repairing watches, timepieces, electronics such as cell phones and laptops, and more! Tools such as the stainless steel tweezers, watch back opener, screwdrivers, and watchband remover are essential to the watch repair process. If your dad even slightly resembles MacGyver or Inspector Gadget, this is the toolset for him!

Perhaps your father is more of a suit and tie kinda guy. For him, we have the SortWise™ Small Watch Box, regularly $15.99, now on sale for only $9.99! This black leather watch box display case has a soft velvet interior for protecting designer watches from scratches, dust, and hard surfaces, with a windowed lid and safety latch to keep the box closed. Suitable for watches big and small, the case measures 16.8cm x 11cm x 7.8cm, with watch grids measuring 9cm x 5cm x 4cm, whose velvet pillows are removable.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the SortWise™ Trunk Organizer Bin, normally $35.99, now on sale for just $18.99! This portable cargo carrier fits in the back of your dad’s favourite car, giving him storage for large objects such as sports equipment, power tools, and small lumber, with additional side straps for carrying tools, handyman gear, and more. Made of durable, waterproof material, this large storage bin fits all vehicles and greatly increases the storage capacity of any trunk.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for people on-the-go at!

Christmas 2018 is approaching fast and we’ve got the best Christmas gift ideas for you this year with active wear and storage bags specially designed for busy athletic people exclusively available at

Take for instance the PHAT™ Yoga Mat, just $19.99! This eco-friendly, innovative TPE mat contains no latex, no PVC, no toxic materials or harmful chemicals. yoga mat yoga mat

It features a wavy texture on the bottom to provide optimal grip with the floor, making it totally non-slip. The lightweight and portable yoga mat can be rolled up and toted about town anywhere you practice. It measures 5mm thick and 71” long. Available in blue, purple, and red.

We’ve also got the PHAT™ Posture Corrector for just $15.66! This adjustable support brace is designed for the shoulders and upper back, allowing you to improve posture and reduce slouching.

The dual strap design and lightweight padded neoprene material makes it a cinch to use all the while remaining totally comfortable, even underneath your favourite shirt. Wear it all day to keep your spine straight and get through the workweek with confidence, knowing your back is safe from everyday sitting at the office. Made for women and men, you can share it with your spouse or significant other and use it on hiking trips, canoeing, kayaking, running, at the gym, at school, as well as at work.

Another popular product for those with an active lifestyle is the SortWise™ Beach Tote Bag, now just $12.99. This mesh carrier-slash-organizer is perfect for carrying around outdoor gear, sportswear, and any miscellaneous purposes such as long road trips and storage.

The 2-in-1 design features a mesh top and sealed, insulated bottom that can be used to store cold drinks at the beach. Made of 600D polyester, the bag also has a zipper top, an 11 13/16” shoulder strap, and two exterior pockets, making it the best travel companion bag. Particularly good for Canadians travelling south of the border on vacation to get away from winter.

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It’s not Too Late to Buy Christmas Lights and Decorations now!

Christmas lights bought weeks ahead of December 25 is smart planning for the holidays. To Canadians working their way through tangled lights, broken Christmas lights, or who are in dire need of something new, would be happy to provide it. Catch deals on some great Christmas lights and decoration packages to spruce up your holiday season.

Christmas decoration accessories from
Christmas decoration accessories from

See discounts up to 70 percent off Christmas lights in particular, including 10 metres of waterproof 100 LED strip lights for $2.99 or a 100-count LED multi-color light with green wire for indoor and/or outdoor use for $8.99.


Using Christmas lights, you can really transform a space into something extremely festive and beautiful. As cities across Canada are gearing up for holiday light illumination ceremonies, now’s a great time to buy lights. We’ve been there before when we’ve showed up late to the party and have had to overpay or pick up whatever is there, more or less, in the bargain bin. We don’t want to see anyone go through that. Shop ahead.


What’s great about buying Christmas lights so early on is that you have the opportunity to get them set up and prepped before the harsh Canadian winter sets in. To be fair, and rather predictably, no one knows what kind of winter Canada’s going to receive at any given time. If we get a ton of snow before the holidays, it’s going to be harder to get out there and hang up lights. Buying them today means in a few weeks, you can switch on your Christmas light decorations and be comfortable knowing you didn’t have to overspend.


Spread some festive joy this December and do so with high quality lights, inexpensive yet high quality decorations, and enjoy the advantages of buying these things on-sale. Browse more holiday shopping deals, like a 25-count of LED commercial string lights in blue for $11.99, 48 feet of heavy duty commercial outdoor string lights for $49.99, 10 metres of 100-count white lights for $8.99, 5 metres of impressive looking Globaltone LED rope blue lights in a fifty-pack for $19.99, ten metres of 100 LEDs in red for $19.99, and Christmas glitter flickering LED tea lights for $0.99.


For Christmas lights and Christmas décor products, has got everything you need. See all the gorgeous Christmas lights you’ll need and save them to assemble for your holiday display. Make your home sparkle, and set a magical glow that welcomes family and friends to many Canadians’ favourite day of winter!

What’s the Best Humidifier to Buy for a Baby to add Moisture to the Room – a Discussion

For your baby’s nursery, a high quality humidifier can help keep things warm and comfortable. Adding moisture to the air is important in keeping a baby soothed as they fall asleep. For babies and young kids in need of a humidifier, there’s no shortage of options out there however they can oftentimes be expensive. If you’re looking to keep nights restful for all involved, one of the best humidifiers to buy for a baby to add moisture to the room can be found in’s catalogue.


Among the models you may want to consider include a three-litre humidifier with filter stepless control on-sale today from for only $24.99. There’s also the six-litre humidifier with filter stepless control for $36.99 and the more higher-end ultrasonic humidifier wooden landing with wireless remote control for $45.99. All of these humidifiers would make for great additions to the nursery. They’re very easy to clean, generally quiet when operating, and re-filling it is a quick task that only takes a quick second. A meaningful addition to the nursery, you’ll be glad to have a safe, healthy humidifier in the room to keep the atmosphere balanced.


Features to look for across these models include automatic shut-off when empty, high quality mist and negative oxygen ion, silence to little noise in operation, an activated carbon filter to remove odor in the air, and controls for mist, visual water scale, and a 360-degree rotatable nozzle. After the baby’s a little older, a humidifier like this can also be repurposed elsewhere in the home or at the office. By aesthetic alone, the humidifier is not a baby product. Due to its streamlined look, these humidifiers are very adaptable to different environments. Do keep in mind that when positioning a humidifier in the room, ensure it is kept in a secure position out of reach of any little one who might be up for exploring. is a fast growing Canada-based eCommerce brand specializing in a wide range of home products. Small home products like humidifiers and diffusers are a great way to elevate the atmosphere in a home. For young children, a humidifier can work wonders in keeping things calm and peaceful – even during more troublesome nights. Though there’s no guarantees on getting a full night’s rest any day of the week for new parents, a humidifier can help in reducing any anxiety the baby may be feeling by being in their crib alone. So if you’re a new parent, please feel encouraged to browse other home products in the catalogue which may be of help in the early stages of parenting. Shop with us today!

Effective Jewelry Organizers just for you at!

Jewelry organizers are necessary for living a domesticated life, for both men and women. If you’ve never considered how to organize your jewelry, then we’ve got the best tips and products for your inspiration at


For the men, we’ve got a selection of jewelry organizers and watch boxes that go great with a walk-in closet or shelved wardrobe. Our two most popular options from our vast catalogue are the following products.


The SortWise™ Watch / Jewelry Storage Box, 5-Grid Lockable Organizer Case, is regularly $19.99, on sale now until August 14 for just $16.99. Simple and elegant, it safely houses your work week watch collection so you have somewhere to store each timepiece you wear Monday through Friday. Compact and portable, available in black leather with velvet interior, this watch/jewelry storage box makes a great anniversary or birthday present, too.


If you’ve got the picture-perfect walk-in closet at home, then you might want to consider upgrading your selection to the SortWise™ Vintage Style Jewelry Storage 24-Grid Watch Showcase, regularly $49.49, on sale now for just $46.49. Perfect for the man who’s got it all, store your watch collection, cuff links, earrings, rings, and studs in this stunning leather and velvet display box.


When you place an order of $49 or more at, you’ll get free shipping nationwide. We have warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you’re living, you’ll get what you need quickly. Add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and get it delivered in a day or two, tops.


For the ladies, we have two very practical and elegant solutions for sorting jewelry.


First and foremost is the most popular SortWise™ Multi-Layer Jewelry Travel Storage Case with 11-Slot Organizer and Mirror Drawer, regularly $23.99, now just $20.99. Leather and velvet design, with an unfolding, multi-tier interior and mirror positioned at the top, this jewelry travel storage case has everything you need to sort bracelets, rings, earrings, piercings, necklaces, and more.


And for upgrading your lifestyle, you’ll definitely want to view our very exciting SortWise™ Door-Mounting Jewelry and Cosmetic Mirror Cabinet, now just $89.99. This lockable, door-mounted jewelry and cosmetic mirror cabinet is an elegant, high-class solution to sorting all your accessories and beauty products behind a body-length mirror in your bedroom. It has everything you need, including a wooden interior and sliding mirror door.


For all your jewelry organization and watch box needs, visit us today for inspiration and gift ideas at!

Better and cheaper than Instant Pot, LIVING basics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker!

The LIVING basics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker is on sale now at for just $59.99 and includes free shipping. This programmable cooker is cheaper and boasts more features than the Instant Pot. 16 settings, 1000W of power, and available in both a 5- and a 6-oz. stainless steel model, making this the best pressure cooker on the market!


The 16 different programs include options for cooking multigrains, meat and stew, poultry, soup, beans and chili, white rice, brown rice, steamed vegetables, slow cooked meals, boiling pasta, steamed potatoes, hot pot, saute and browning, baking, reheating, and yogurt. On top of these built-in programs, there’s also a DIY setting, so you can cook whatever any way you like.


The stainless steel inner pot makes for convenient use and easy cleaning. The 1000W power makes cooking with the LIVINGbasics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker up to 70% faster than traditional cookware. Just put it in, select your pressure setting, and when it’s done, release the pressure with the click of a button!


Safe and reliable, the LIVINGbasics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker is ETL, FDA, and FCC certified, and includes seven proven safety mechanisms: one for opening and closing the lid, pressure control, maintaining pressure, temperature control, one button for releasing pressure and steam, as well as a thermostat and anti-block device.


It makes an excellent anniversary or wedding gift, and even birthday present, just read our customer reviews!


It’s easy, it’s intelligent, it’s safe, and it’s healthy. The LIVINGbasics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker in Canada, for its affordability, functionality, and safety.


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We pride ourselves on offering Canadians the most affordable, highest quality products for your home, cutting profits and shipping costs to better serve you and your needs.


So, for all your cooking appliances, kitchen supplies, and culinary inspiration, visit us today at!

What you need to party big this Halloween from!

We have all the Halloween party accessories and Halloween decorations you need right now at


Let’s say you’re serving your guests cake, candy, confections, treats, or even dinner this October. Then you’re gonna need the LIVINGbasics™ Premium Plastic Party Tableware Combo Kit in white with silver, on sale now starting at just $4.99.


These combo kits, designed for serving 8 or 20 guests per set, include everything for plating food and enjoying it: dinner plates, forks, knives, spoons, and napkins. Upgrade to the 20-person set and get all sorts of premium plastic drinkware, including wine glasses, tumblers, and champagne flutes. It’s cheap and disposable, but has a professional look, that make these plastic plates and utensils great for parties of every kind!


Of course, if you’re assembling your kitchenware according to what you might already have, you can purchase these items separately, too.


Starting with the Party Napkins, just $0.99 for 20, available in more than 20 colours. Deck out your dining room table with black and orange serviettes to give your potluck or buffet the Halloween vibes to go with the decorations in the rest of your home.


Get just the LIVINGbasics™ disposable premium party plastic glassware, including 24 cups, for just $4.99. This combo kit includes all the wine glasses, tumblers, and champagne flutes you need to make sure everyone has a fancy, easy time pouring drinks. They’re especially good for serving punch, dinner wine, and mixed drinks.


What party would be complete without balloons? You can get the LIVINGbasics™ Mix of Standard Balloons for just $1.99. Each package includes 25 12”, helium-quality balloons, in a variety of 8 different colours: royal blue, red, baby pink, fuchsia, light blue, lime green, yellow, and purple.


If you’re not filling them up with helium, make your decorating a little easier with the LIVINGbasics™ Plastic Balloon Pump, just $1.29. This little guy, just 28cm in length and 5cm in diameter, makes blowing up balloons for parties a cinch. Just insert the nozzle and give it a few pumps of air and presto! You’ve got all your balloons ready for a wonderful evening.


We’ve got warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you order from, you’ll get your package on time. Order 5 items or more, or spend $49 and up, and you’ll receive shipping at no additional cost for your entire shopping cart! If you need it overnighted, you can add fast shipping to any item in your cart for just $5.95 and expect it in a day or two, tops.


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