Is it Better to Buy Pre-Ground Coffee or to Grind your Own Coffee Beans

Oxygen and coffee do not mix. Oxygen that comes into contact with rich, tantalizing freshly ground beans is taking away its flavor by the second. What we smell when we get a sense of coffee is it oxidizing and disappearing into the air. That flavor – which you’d surely rather be tasting – is instead going off into the air. For these reasons, we trace back to the consumer debate between pre-ground coffee and grinding your own coffee beans. Although pre-ground coffee makes the coffee making process easier, the extra step of grinding your own coffee beans can add a lot of flavor.


Coffee grinder livingbasic
Coffee grinder livingbasic


All it takes is a few minutes of exposure for oxygen to nag away flavor from what could be an amazing cup of coffee. This is why any time you visit a high-end coffee shop, you’re going to find them grinding the beans before brewing you anything. That’s what packs in that extra taste! Coffee professionals also use pour-over techniques to help minimize the exposure of the coffee to oxygen, all in an attempt to hang onto as much taste as is possible. If you are set to grind, we recommend using a machine that’s been designed specifically for grinding coffee beans. Don’t use something that’s made for spices!

A proper electric coffee grinder is going to provide an even grind. Instead of tearing away the beans, you’ll have an evenness that adds to the solubility. This is important as it means more coffee. That’s how you avoid a watery cup of coffee. Although you’ll pay more for an electric coffee grinder, they’re worth the purchase price and work far better than cheaper models. A barrier to buying a coffee grinder is typically a person doesn’t have the time to do it all themselves. Well, it only takes a minute. And, in the end, it yields a better cup of coffee which is going to get your day started on the right foot. All this counts for a lot.

Any time you’re brewing your coffee at home, go for grinding the beans yourself. There’s no reason to invest in anything expensive, either. has plenty of on-sale coffee makers, coffee accessories, and yes, a coffee bean grinder. Set it up in your kitchen and you’ll have it when you need it. Although pre-ground coffee works as an alternative to instant coffee, you’re always going to get the best cup of coffee there is from freshly ground beans. Shop yours today from

Does Espresso Contain more Caffeine than Drip Coffee – read here!

When you buy an espresso, it’s all in the name of maximizing the caffeine. Drip coffee is sought after for much the same reason. But, which one does it better – well, when prepared correctly, espresso carries with it more caffeine than drip coffee.

There’s a lot that goes into making espresso and so, there are several variables which could be manipulated to reduce the amount of caffeine available. For example, when grinding coffee beans for espresso, they need to be grounded much finer than drip coffee. That’s because espresso makers use high pressure water to shoot straight through the grounds. When this is done, oils are extracted and caffeine comes from that. The more surface area your grounded beans have, the more caffeine you’re going to let out.

Adding water can also affect the caffeine content of espresso and drip coffee. Extracting caffeine is better done with hot water than cold. In espresso machines, you will generally find water to be hotter than what’s in drip coffee. The amount of time applied also has a role. The longer the grounded beans stay in contact, the more caffeine is going to be added. Now, note optimum time to make espresso is 22 seconds whereas a drip coffee brewer can take up to six minutes. This process adds a lot more caffeine to drip coffee than it does an espresso.

All in all, espresso is still slightly more caffeinated than drip coffee. Due to these variables, for argument’s sake, one could still make a cup of drip coffee more caffeinated than espresso. Academic studies looking at which option had the most caffeine, in volume, researchers found the opposite however. In every ounce of espresso, they found up to 50 milligrams of caffeine whereas an ounce of drip coffee held up to 15 milligrams. Although that’s a big difference, consumers tend to drink more drip coffee than they do espresso. Thereby, a cup of drip coffee might contain way more caffeine than espresso.

No matter where you stand on the debate, espresso is fast, easy, and simple enough. For Canadians who enjoy their espresso, it’s a shot of caffeine they can’t do without. Instead of continuing to spend $100s every year getting your fix, why not make it at home – now you can!’s espresso machine and coffee maker is ready to make everything from pure, rich-tasting espresso to milk frother, cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas. Buy yours today from

Why to Switch to Commercial LED Lights for your Business

So you want to change to energy-efficient, high-performance commercial LED lights. As LEDs have helped to cut down on commercial electricity costs by 50 percent in some spaces, that’s significant. If you don’t already have LED lights installed in your commercial space, there are a few questions that need answering beforehand.


The advantages of commercial LED lights.

LED lights help in your day-to-day performance but also in increasing your property value. Leverage the implementation of LED lights to your advantage and increase your profits on commercial rentals or related sales. Also, feel good about doing something good for the planet. Prospective tenants or buyers will appreciate the investment and the potential to keep a building’s operating costs low.


What to look for in LED commercial fixtures.

LED products can sometimes be teamed with smart controls like dimming, light harvesting, and utility demand response. Think of what sort of features you want in your LEDs for today and tomorrow.


Why you need commercial LED lights.

If you’ve seen LED lights in application, you know what they can do. They provide great quality lighting, save on costs in the long-term by a significant margin, and are sure to meet your every lighting goal.


Decide where to put your LED lights.

Buildings equipped with illumination may see a change to LEDs as an expensive investment. Nevertheless, LEDs typically can run up to 60,000 hours – which is otherwise 7 years of continued illumination. What you’re going to save on maintenance alone is worth it. Take a look around to see where you hope to place yours. 24/7 exit stairs, hallways, and vast spaces in manufacturing, distribution, parking, hotel, and healthcare facilities are all popular places to put LEDs.


Where to buy your LEDs from.

Seek a commercial LED lights company who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to product performance, warranties, and what your upfront costs will be. By working with a Canadian manufacturer, you receive more support and can probably cultivate a better relationship.


Shop commercial LED lights from today and see unbeatable deals you won’t find anywhere else in Canada. We also have commercial and industrial LED lighting fixtures and accessories. Choose from a wide range and buy everything you need for your property. See 50 watts in a 4 ft. LED light dimmable for $134.99, a UFO 150-watt highbay lights ultra-efficient for $148.99, the 200-watt LED highbay lights ultra-efficeincy at 135 lumens for $179.99, and more!

Use a High-Tech Mirror to Reduce Blind Spot Collisions and Protect Yourself

Blind-spot collisions are common, especially driving in the city where you’re surrounded by pedestrians, cyclists, parked cars, and all sorts of activity going on. Almost every day now in Toronto, someone is struck and sometimes with fatal consequences by drivers who are not checking the roads prior to making a turn, who aren’t paying attention in general, or who can’t see their blind spots. A simple mirror strategically placed outside your vehicle however can change all that.


As a driver, you have two mirrors outside the vehicle – one to the left side and one on the passenger’s side. We recommend placing a third and fourth mirror, each underneath the indicated mirrors you already have. The third and fourth mirrors are small, 360-degree rotatable mirrors manufactured with the specific purpose of giving a driver view of their blind spot on both sides. They’re very easily adjusted and can help a driver figure their way in and out of tight situations.


From our perspective, the more visibility, the better. A mirror like this is multi-purpose. Adjust the angle as you see fit and if you’re nervous about certain areas around your vehicle, install additionals. Using a mirror like this, you can forecast your surroundings any time passing or changing lanes and ensure you remain a safe driver at every opportunity. For cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and even RVs, these are perfect and should be on every vehicle. Today, when a driver changes lanes, they check their mirrors and do a shoulder check – at least, you’re supposed to. Some get lazy and simply check their mirrors. That’s not acceptable.


In Canada, it’s estimated there are roughly 84,000 blind spot related accidents every year. Automobiles manufactured today have collision-avoidance systems and blind-spot alerts however these are not included in every vehicle. In fact, in some, you only receive these as additions on upgraded vehicles. If you don’t have one of these systems in your car, we strongly recommend getting set up with a mirror that’s going to give you the same oversight. See everything surrounding your vehicle and be confident, after you do your usual checks, you’re transitioning safely into another position on the road.


No one wants to be the vehicle that hits another vehicle, collides with a pedestrian, cyclist, or curb. As a driver, always check prior to making any modification to your current position on the road. Visit to see our 360-degree rotatable car mirror. It’ll help keep your vehicle safe getting in and out of parking spaces, as well as in checking your blind spots.


9 Home Storage Tips to help Eliminate Clutter

Even in large homes, finding new and innovative storage solutions can be part of the fun of eliminating clutter and re-designing the way we lead our lives. Unfortunately, bulky, awkward messes dominate some households. There’s nothing worse than having to step around or over a mess. That’s clutter that doesn’t need to exist. Why not adapt some of’s basic home storage tips to your home.


4-drawer storage organizers

home drawer storage organization
home drawer storage organization

A multi-drawer storage organizer can be placed naturally in any closet, bedroom, and/or living room. There’s a wide array of different things you can put in this storage and its colors suit appropriately in almost any color scheme.


Jewelry storage box

One of the most common messes in a household and yet, one of the easiest ones to remedy is jewelry. A multi-compartment large capacity multi-layer jewelry box not only will hold all your jewelry but it also makes for one heck of a presentation.


Storage shelving units

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty and sort of boxy, a storage shelving unit would suit a basement, garage, or general room environment. Although your storage shelves give off a bit of a ‘warehouse vibe’, they’re provide a lot of space!


Multi-tier shoe rack

We all own multiple pairs of footwear. Consider taking on a multi-tier shoe rack organizer where multiple pairs can be set and a little more organization can be given around your front door.


Plastic portable wardrobe closet

Imagine a massive IKEA-esque DIY-style portable wardrobe closet. Although it may not be preferred for every home, setting a portable wardrobe closet in a home lacking a sufficient walk-in closet and limited on clothing storage space is a smart move.


Over-the-door storage

The back of our doors are standard open spaces where not a lot is going on. If you’re looking to tidy up a bit, installing some hanging storage pockets over the door is an investment providing space to throw towels, product, paperwork you don’t want to forget, and more.


Over-the-toilet storage rack

Nothing goes over the toilet except art and storage. If you have some blank space there to play with, consider adopting an over-the-toilet multi-tier storage rack. The model, as an example, is stainless steel. No matter the model, it’ll help provide a place to put your product, toilet paper, towels, and anything else you deem suitable.


Kids toy organizer

If you have a young child at home, you absolutely would love’s 9-piece plastic bin container and organizer. There, you can store everything from Lego building blocks to stuffed animals and plenty else.


Adjustable utility closet portable clothes organizer

If you have a closer that’s a little unorganized, install a utility-based portable clothes organizer from This will give you some new surfaces to play with and a diverse collection of places to put footwear, hanging clothing, folded clothing, jewelry, and other wardrobe accessories.


Browse all these 9 home storage solutions and more from Canada’s own Eliminate clutter in your home and don’t look back!

6 Best Hot Water Covers to Snuggle through your Hard Canadian Winter

As fun as Canadian winter is, at some point, all we want to do is stay home and hibernate it all away. For when you’re feeling like that, a hot water bottle can help keep things warm and snuggly. Unlike what you’ll find at your local pharmacy, if you don’t like the way your hot water bottle feels on the skin, you can actually buy a material cover for it. Using a cover, when you snuggle, it’ll feel less like a big rubber bottle, and more like something small and fuzzy. Here are our top 6 best hot water bottle covers!


Soft cover mink plush animals

Receive a randomized soft cover mink plush animal to cover your 1-litre hot water bottle with. Maximize your safety and protect yourself from skin burns, while also keeping things looking wonderfully cute. Snuggle up with the sofa with one of these or stay in bed. Don’t feel so bad about skipping on work or school and keep things toasty.


Dog or cat cover

As one of our most affordable water bottle covers, receive a randomized dog or cat hot water cover. For when you’re cold and tired, snuggling up with a cat or dog cover can be very comforting. And, unlike a real cat or dog, you won’t experience much of a struggle here. Keep yourself warm without any hassle.


Large owl or polar bear plush animals

Another variety of the soft cover mink plush animals, receive a randomized bear or owl plush animal hot water bottle cover. Pretend you’re cuddling with your favourite small animal. Just be careful not to spill any water on it. If you do though, no worries. Just toss it in the washing machine and you’ll have your favourite fuzzy ready to re-use again before long.


Unicorn plush hot water bottle cover

The unicorn plush hot water bottle cover is one of our favourites. If you’ve ever had your water bottle go missing, it’s unlikely to ever go missing wrapped in a unicorn plush toy like this. Say goodbye to the days of throwing the hot water bottle in the back of a cabinet or underneath your sink. As long as it’s adorned in unicorn plush, you’ll want to keep it somewhere easily retrievable.


Two of the other hot water covers that fill out our list include a luxe faux fur classic water bottle cover which makes it feel like you’re a member of the royal family cuddling up with some heat! The other is faux animal skin in plush – think zebra, cow, and similar patterns. Shop these hot water bottle covers and others at Find them all on-sale today.

Why a Rain Shower Head will Always Lead to a more Relaxing Shower

Using a rain shower head to wash your hair can keep your hair looking absolutely fabulous and ultimately provide you with a more enjoyable shower experience.


Although we know the shower’s always fun, if it’s time for you to replace your shower head, consider a rain shower head this time around. Lavish your hair and the rest of you in the most relaxing way possible. Instead of it being a direct spray like shower heads have always been manufactured as, a rain shower head spreads out water as if you were standing outside feeling drops gently caress your face as they fall from sky to Earth.


If you’re focused on designing the most ergonomic, enjoyable home possible, don’t overlook the impact a rain shower head can have on the look and feel of your washroom. You get the experience of being in a rain shower without having to contend with the humidity, wind, or everything that’s out of your control. Using a shower head like this, you’ll get your hair washing routine completed faster and arguably, more thoroughly.

Living Basic shower head from
Living Basic shower head from

Fortunately, there are a few rain shower head options found in Canada’s own catalogue. Browsing’s website, you’ll find an 8” square high-pressure shower head with water saving function as well as an 8” round high-pressure shower head with water saving function. Choose the aesthetic that best suits you and get ready to have an overhead rainfall shower any time you want it.


Some of the features found on both of these rain shower heads is silicon gel nozzles designed to prevent lime scape build-up, premium stainless steel design, a metal swivel ball joint connector allowing a user to adjust the angle of the shower head very easily, and an installation that does not require tools. Also, provides both of these products with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring you’re fully satisfied with the product and that it continues to work for you, as intended in the months and years to come.


Start your next shower with a rain shower head and you won’t be sorry you did. Believe us when we say it contributes significantly to your hair-washing experience and will make your showers even more relaxing.


Shop rain shower heads, bathroom storage, bathroom shelves, and so much more at See deals, discounts, and exclusives you won’t find anywhere else. Completely re-design the way you do showers with a rain shower head!