Tips and Tricks on throwing a Low-Budget Birthday Party from

Are you planning a birthday party sometime this winter or spring but don’t really have much of a budget to work with – we can help. Hosting a low-budget, affordable birthday party is more than possible with, one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites for party supplies.


Anyone worried about being able to have a great birthday party under budget, we’ve got hundreds of items you can look through. That said, keeping things low-budget is just as much about choice as it is about how you use what you got. Here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years. When things get tough financially, don’t let that stop you from having an amazing birthday!


Plan ahead


The earlier you start to plan, the more likely you can shop smart and not waste money on things you don’t need. You can better plan out the party supplies and accessories you need, filling the birthday space with the essentials and anything else you can fit in under budget. It’s always a good move to make a list of everything you need to buy and how much.


Choose a venue you don’t need to rent


When you’re planning a birthday party, one of the best ways to keep costs down is to find a place to host that you don’t need to rent. If it’s a small enough party, consider hosting it at your home or the home of a friend or family member. A local venue ensures no one has to spend a lot of money getting there either. Give some thought to how guests will get to and from.


Costumes are cheaper than fancy dresses


If you’re having a party, it may be more economical to either to make it a fancy dress party – if you already have a dress to wear – or to go the costume route with it. If everyone gets into a costume party, it can be a lot of fun. Be sure to pick a theme that doesn’t make it feel like a Halloween party.


Disposable tableware


Party tableware like plastic or paper plates, plastic glasses, and plastic cutlery is ideal for parties like birthdays. Especially if you’re inviting a lot of people, disposable party tableware saves you from having to wash after the party.


These are just some of the ideas we’ve found that work in keeping costs low when throwing someone’s birthday party. Save $100 or more following these rules and think of other ways you may be able to minimize your expenditures. Shop all your favourite party supplies with

See 4 Dermatologist-Approved Products to get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can come from crying, from allergies, from being tired and restless, and even from your nutrition. All of us inevitably run into some puffy eyes. Knowing what’s causing the puffiness is important to prevent it but what do you in the moment to handle the situation – well, that’s why we’re writing. As evidenced in the catalogue, there are several products that specifically target puffy eyes and we’re happy to share them. We don’t think they get nearly enough attention in the big catalogue of dermatologist-approved facial products.


Purederm Eye Puffiness mini patches – $5.99


In Purederm eye puffiness patches, you get 4 treatments across a total of eight patches. Using a combination of phyto collagen and Gingko extract, it works to help reduce eye puffiness. It’s dermatologist-tested and fragrance-free. It’s also hypo-allergenic. If you don’t know what product to try, this is your most cost-effective best. A must-have for anyone who is routinely affected by those hard-to-rid puffy eyes.


Mediheal N.M.F. Aquaring gel eye fill patch – $2.69

The Mediheal gel eye fill patch is an eye fill mask that’s suitable to both dry and oily skin around the eyes. The Mediheal eye fill patch utilizes a moisture regulating system to do exactly that – balance and regulate the moisture around the skin. This keeps your eyes looking fresh at every opportunity. Gently softening and peeling the dead skin cells around the eyes, you’ll find ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and adenosine in this patch.


Purederm dark circle reducer – $5.99

Another Purederm product to find itself on our list, the dark circle reducer eye patch comes packing some serious punch. Containing 4 treatments, they work to reduce eye puffiness by applying Gingko extract and phyto collagen. Dermatologist tested and fragrance free, this Purederm product is highly recommended for anyone who needs ongoing treatments.


Jayeon mapping essence mask – $0.89

The Jayeon anti-aging essence mask utilizes red ginseng to reduce wrinkles, purify the skin, and sooth. Applied around the eyes, the active natural ingredients in the anti-aging mask work to brighten your skin through a premium natural rayon sheet.


If you’re finding your eyes are giving you trouble appearance-wise, any of these products give the performance you want in reducing the look of swollen, puffy eyes. Eye puffiness comes and goes, but we can’t always wait for them to go away. Browse these dermatologist-approved products and more from, and get them at the most affordable rate from one of Canada’s favourites.

Do Pore Strips really work to Remove Blackheads – if you use them right, yes!

Though extremely satisfying in practice, the work involved in removing blackheads is nasty business. A lot of people rely on pore strips to get those ugly blackheads out but in the dermatology community, there’s been some controversy as to whether the pore strips actually work or not. If you’re looking for clarification, here’s what we have to say on the subject.

black head cleaner
blackhead cleaner

If you’ve never used a pore strip before, we’re almost sure everyone knows what they are and how to use them. They’ve been a mainstay in the lives of so many awkward teenagers and they continue to be one of the most popular blackhead treatments on the market. Always satisfying to remove, YouTube is filled with videos of people removing their nose pore strips, and you can see up close the amount of debris it pulls from the face.


So do pore strips work – well, yes. Applied over the nose, they rip away the accumulating dirt, debris, and build-up rather easily. Even though this is clearly visible, some may still have doubts as to whether they do any lasting skin damage and/or how they do their job.


Blackheads, in essence, are a collection of dead skin cells and oil which filters into a hair follicle opening. After this material oxidizes, it appears black. When you apply a pore strip, it removes layers of dead skin cells and blackheads by adhesive. Those same strips can also sometimes pull hair and skin off the nose as well.


The real controversy surrounding pore strips is, although they are very successful at what they do, they do nothing to prevent blackheads from reoccurring. In that sense, they’re a temporary cosmetic fix – akin to shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer, or similar products which do not prevent nor leave long-lasting effects.


Regarding the effectiveness of a pore strip, the best way to use them is to wet the skin first with warm water. After applying, be sure to leave on the pore strip for up to fifteen minutes. This will give it time to bind to any gunk in your pores – something that’s key to getting those dirty blackheads gone.


For those worried about permanent damage to the skin, just like pore strips don’t leave behind permanent benefit, they rarely damage the skin like some may worry.


All in all, if you’re seeking pore strips and blackhead removal products, visit for the best deals, discounts, and exclusives. Improve your skin’s appearance and using a pore strip, you can get out all those black dots! Visit us today.

You Want these Products if You’re Buying for a Foodie this Valentine’s Day

A foodie’s Valentine’s Day guide is going to include recipes, food products, and all sorts of deliciousness but with Valentine’s Day only a couple weeks away now, after the last bite or sip, everything fades and disappears.


At, we want to provide foodies with Valentine’s Day gifts that are going to last and last and last. Instead of focusing so much on making Valentine’s Day so delectable, here are some Valentine-worthy gifts to buy for your foodie that’ll keep them excited long after February 14 concludes.


Espresso machine & coffee maker – $109.99


For coffee lovers, they’ll absolutely adore this 15-bar pump and steam wand espresso machine and coffee maker combination. Somewhat portable, it can be used at work or at home. Create the ultimate coffee or espresso as you need it, any time day or night.


Electric coffee grinder – $12.99


If you love to grind your own coffee beans, this is the product for you. Features on this electric coffee grinder include stainless steel blades, 150-watts of power, and up to 20,000 RPM. Using foodie Valentine’s Day gifts like this, you won’t need to go to any Tim Hortons, Starbucks, or local coffee shop to get a fresh cup.


Induction countertop burner – $45.99


Using this 1,800-watt portable digital induction countertop burner, you can literally cook your dinner anytime and anywhere as long as you have a power source to back it up. Although we always advocate to exercise caution wherever you place it, people have used countertop burners like these in bedrooms, small living spaces, and on-the-go.


Electric pressure cooker – $89.99 has several electric pressure cookers in our catalogue and one of the most inexpensive is the Strata Home all-in-1 electric pressure cooker with 1,000 watts of power behind it. Features include a removable 6-quart cooking pot, programmable cooking menus, and the ability to sear, steam, and slow-cook anything in a non-stick surface.


12-piece classic dishware set – $55.99


If you’re loved one is in a bad place when it comes to dishware, consider buying them’s stainless steel 12-piece cookware and classic chef dishware set. Enjoy a variety of pots – all dishwasher-safe. If you’re looking for a way to stoke someone’s passion for cooking, these are practical and they look really, really nice on the stove or in anyone’s cupboard. is offering up specials and deals exclusive to between now and Valentine’s Day. Grab these products for your foodie Valentine’s Day or others. Whether you’re looking to entertain a night in or are simply looking for some great gifts, shop it all this February with!

Instead of Buying Flowers for Valentine’s Day, Grow your Own with Lawn Garden Products

Valentine’s Day is a precursor to the lovely spring times ahead, when flowers bloom and our gardens really begin to take shape. If you’re buying for someone this Valentine’s Day who appreciates blooms and leaves, these are a few products they can take with them through this year’s exploration of Mother Nature and all that it has to provide.


4-tier mini greenhouse


Get started on your garden early this 2019 season using this 4-tier portable greenhouse, or try purposing this greenhouse post-summer to keep your plants healthy throughout next winter. Buying fresh flowers is nothing like growing your own. If your sweetheart appreciates the joys of gardening, they may not necessarily know they have the option of owning a tiny portable greenhouse like this one. It could make for the most perfect unexpected Valentine’s Day gift!


Collapsible, folding outdoor wagon


If you’ve got a sizeable garden that’s more than just a little patch, buying a folding outdoor wagon that’s also collapsible can be a great place to store gardening items and/or to take gardening products with you as you complete your work. On the day of all things Cupid and love, a gift like a collapsible wagon might seem a little on the dull side but for someone who really needs it, it’s going to make gardening that much easier for them.


Seedling heat mat for plants


One of the most inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts on this list, the waterproof seedling heat mat is perfect to increase the germination of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and other plants. For gardeners who have struggled with seedlings and cuttings in the past, a heat mat for plants is exactly what can be used to increase success. This heat mat will warm the root area up to 5.5-11 Celcius above air temperature, is waterproof, and is easily placed in different sized seedling bowls and trays.


7-piece all-in-1 gardening tool set


If you’re buying for an amateur gardener or someone who doesn’t necessarily have the proper tools to garden, our 7-piece all-in-one garden tool set provides a seat, a storage back, and five stainless steel tools. It’s an absolutely great start to anyone’s spring-summer 2019 gardening experience. Give your love everything they need to make gardening easy and simple. Instead of shopping these same tools at your local store where you might pay twice or three times as much for everything together, get them all on-sale for Valentine’s Day from Living

If You’re Dealing with a Break-Up this Valentine’s Day, Shop and Celebrate!

Nobody enjoys a Valentine’s Day that immediately comes following a break-up. It’s heart-breaking. Or, at least, it can. If you’re out of luck this Valentine’s Day and don’t really want to search out anything for the day,’s here to help. is one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce retailers, used by thousands of Canadians seeking cheap prices on high quality products. This Valentine’s Day, forget about February 14. Shop for yourself and gift yourself cheap, high quality items on-sale for the occasion.


Browsing our catalogue, we’re almost sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the gift collection we have. Ignore the heart-shaped products, dumb teddy bears, and all that boring mush that commercialism hangs on this Valentine’s Day.


If you’re looking for some self-gifting Valentine’s Day ideas, consider our neck and shoulder heating wrap on nearly half-price sale at $19.99. For anyone who suffers from temporary upper back or neck pain, this can be a great way to ease it off in no time. For anyone where heat therapy works for their body, a product like this can help make or break peace of mind during one’s more trying times.


That’s far from the only self-gifting Valentine’s Day gift ideas we have at Shop dozens of products we know you’ll love including an essential oil diffuser and humidifier that’s perfect for anyone interested in aromatherapy for only $17.99, a 2-in-1 single serve coffee maker for the coffee lover in us all for $19.99, an electric coffee grinder for the freshest of coffee for $12.99, a professional blender that’s perfect for mixing smoothies for $99.99, and an impressive 9” multi-function toaster oven for only $19.99.


There’s also several home décor and storage-inspired products we know you’ll be impressed to see. If you’re a wine lover, a tabletop bamboo butterfly-shaped wine rack for $19.99 gives presentation to anyone’s collection. There’s also a bamboo laundry hamper, a portable wardrobe closet made from non-woven fabric, and a modular shelving storage organizer in interlocking cubes.


This is just some of what you’ll find digging through’s inventory. It’s impossible for us to touch upon every category of product here in this article so be sure to check in and shop your favourites. Forget about your past relationships – invest in your future. In this case, we don’t believe in the phrase, ‘It’s the thought that counts.’ No, buy yourself what you want and need. Treat yourself! Our Valentine’s Day sale is on until February 14. Visit today.

Give the Gift of New Small Appliances for the Kitchen this Valentine’s Day

Buying for someone who loves cooking this Valentine’s Day is so easy with Throughout our catalogue, you’ll find dozens of small appliances tailor-made for the kitchen on-sale from today until February 14.


Blender and mixer for smoothies – $99.99


There’s nothing that beats a high quality blender and mixer. It’ll be easier than ever to make smoothies and similar beverages. You and your partner can even start juicing! An extremely powerful tool in anyone’s health and fitness inventory, if you’re buying for someone this Valentine’s Day who loves a good fruit beverage, a blender like this might be one way into their heart.


12-cup programmable coffee maker – $22.99


Although it’s a little boring, a multi-cup programmable coffee maker is almost a necessity in this day and age. If you’re buying for a coffee lover and they don’t already have a coffee maker, you know what you got to do. It’s easily one of the healthiest ways to prepare coffee and as trendy as a French press might be, before long, a coffee maker’s going to be their go-to.


3.7-litre deep fryer with basket – $39.99


Sure, fried foods aren’t the sort of thing we can eat every day but once in a while, it just tastes so, so good! For Valentine’s Day, a deep fryer might not be an obvious choice but believe us when we say in the long-term, it’ll come to be deeply appreciated! A 1,500-watt stainless steel deep fryer is a great purchase for any couple that doesn’t already have one because it opens up a whole new set of foods you can make – including fries, chicken, fish, donuts, hushpuppies, and all sorts of salty and/or sugary treats.


Digital countertop convection oven – $86.99


An extra-large digital countertop convection oven is a perfect buy for a range of foods. It’ll save on time and electricity, as an alternative to a normal-sized oven. Features include aluminum-plated steel and a 42-litre capacity. Use the roast rack to make a chicken, heat up a range of foods, or take advantage of the curved interior to cook a 12” pizza. The double-sided heating technology included in this convection oven also ensures your food’s being heated from the top and bottom evenly.


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. If you’re still searching for Valentine’s Day gifts that are unique and fun for your loved one, find these products and other kitchen items from!