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Christmas gift ideas for Dad are everywhere all throughout our Christmas gift ideas catalogue at!

We’ve got something for every dad this holiday season with a wide selection of great products for home, work, and life. Whether your dad is a handyman, a businessman, or a grease monkey, we’ve got something for you to give him to show him your respect and care this holiday season.

Take for instance our super popular Professional Watch Repair Kit, just $11.99! This 13-piece toolkit includes everything necessary for repairing watches, timepieces, electronics such as cell phones and laptops, and more! Tools such as the stainless steel tweezers, watch back opener, screwdrivers, and watchband remover are essential to the watch repair process. If your dad even slightly resembles MacGyver or Inspector Gadget, this is the toolset for him!

Perhaps your father is more of a suit and tie kinda guy. For him, we have the SortWise™ Small Watch Box, regularly $15.99, now on sale for only $9.99! This black leather watch box display case has a soft velvet interior for protecting designer watches from scratches, dust, and hard surfaces, with a windowed lid and safety latch to keep the box closed. Suitable for watches big and small, the case measures 16.8cm x 11cm x 7.8cm, with watch grids measuring 9cm x 5cm x 4cm, whose velvet pillows are removable.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the SortWise™ Trunk Organizer Bin, normally $35.99, now on sale for just $18.99! This portable cargo carrier fits in the back of your dad’s favourite car, giving him storage for large objects such as sports equipment, power tools, and small lumber, with additional side straps for carrying tools, handyman gear, and more. Made of durable, waterproof material, this large storage bin fits all vehicles and greatly increases the storage capacity of any trunk.

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Canadians come to for many reasons. As a hub of party supplies and decorations, has the market cornered for events ranging from Halloween to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more. Year-round, shoppers will find they nab greater bargains with than anywhere.


This Halloween, wants to be Canada’s one-stop destination for all things spooky! After having put in a lot of the leg work to get the best quality products at a significantly lower price point than in corporate retail, we are inviting consumers in to get the best Halloween supplies from us.


With Halloween comes a lot of different possibilities. There’s the Halloween costume you’ll assume, the Halloween party you’ll either throw or be attending, and then, there’s the decorations you may want to display around the house. If you’re looking to stand out, it can be a lot to buy. gives you a chance to cut down on expenses. If you buy in bulk, you may find yourself having saved more than a few bucks by the time you check out. Needless to say, dressing up this Halloween just got a little less expensive! As a go-to spot for the most creative of looks, choose from pre-defined costumes, accessories, and decorations, or create your own using some of’s popular Halloween supplies.


Just a few of the Halloween supplies on-sale via, these include a colored plastic table cover in both rectangular and circular arrangements, Halloween cutlery, party streamers, hanging pom poms, mini puff tissues, honeycomb paper balls, round paper lanterns, paper fans, napkins, party streamers, hanging swirl decorations, Halloween lights, and more. Available on limited-time discount are kids’ Halloween costumes, including ghosts, ghouls, tutus, unicorns, gothic princesses, skeletons, hot dogs, angels, gothic vampires, white ninjas, witches, little red riding hood, cottage princess, nurse, doctor, pirate, and more.


No one does Halloween better than Canada’s #1 eCommerce Halloween store, Go with classic Halloween iconography or buck tradition and come up with something truly original. If you’re looking to come up with a costume, decorations, or Halloween party supplies that no one else has, has got everything you need.


The average Canadian, this year, will spend between $100 and $200 for Halloween. Save a little bit for yourself by shopping with There’s a high value in shopping with discount stores and thrift stores. Halloween doesn’t need to be so expensive. Save on costs and save on shipping with Get creative and without breaking the bank!

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Halloween supplies and Halloween party accessories are available now at! We’ve got table covers, disposable glassware, utensils, straws, napkins, balloons, doodads and more to make sure you’ve got what you need to celebrate this Halloween.

Buy halloween decoration online at
Buy halloween decoration online at

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For table covers, we’ve got you covered! Right now, you can get this Rectangular Plastic Table Cover for just $0.99. Measuring at 54” x 108”, this easy-to-clean, easy-to-throw away, cheap and effective plastic cover is perfect for hosting parties with many unfamiliar guests who may not know the rules about using coasters in your living room. Or add it to your dining room table to add a splash of colour for your family gathering. Available in more than two dozen colours, it couldn’t get easier than this!


We also have the similar Round Plastic Table Cover, available for just $1.29 and measuring at 84” in diameter.

halloween party accessories and recoration
Halloween party accessories and decoration

We’re proud to offer you a wide selection of disposable drinking cups for a variety of events. This Halloween, you can choose from several of the following options to best serve your guests, whether you’re providing the drinks or hosting a BYOB event, we’ve got what you need.


The LIVING basics™ Premium Party 10oz. Plastic Disposable Tumbler with Silver Rim comes in a package of 8, on sale now for just $1.69. Fancy and sophisticated, these tumblers are good for serving punch, sangria, and the like.


The LIVING basics™ Premium Party 6oz. Plastic Disposable Wine Glass with Silver Rim also comes in a package of 8, on sale now for just $1.99.


If you’re having a party at college or university, then get the tried and true Red Beer Cups, in a package of 12, on sale for just $0.99.


Last, but not least, why not consider getting the LIVINGbasics™ Premium Plastic Party Tableware Combo Kit, in white with silver? We have numerous bundles, on sale starting at $4.99. Get enough to serve 8, 20, or whatever combination of guests you have with these beautiful combo kits.


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Camping Season’s not over yet, so check out this family-size tent at!

This family camping tent is essential for getting outdoors before summer comes to an end!


Now just $57.99, the PHAT™ Waterproof Family Camping Tent For 3 People, a double-layer, all-season camping tool, is exactly what you need to get you and your family outdoors for one last weekend before going back to school and work. Make a trip out of it and take this ultra-portable tent with you wherever you go, hiking, canoeing, or to the cottage.


This durable camping tent is made of PU1500mm Waterproof Polyester Fabric, offering maximum protection from wind and rain. And it’s double-layered, giving you both ventilation and warmth, while also blocking out 80% of UV rays.


It gets hot at the end of the season, sometimes even late into the autumn, but don’t fret! This tent has ample air flow, protected by screens, to keep you and your family safe from insects and mosquitoes, while letting fresh air in with excellent cross-ventilation and visibility.


What’s more is it’s big and comfy for two to three people, reaching 51 3/16″ in height and making for a fun, safe, comfortable experience whether your kids are having a sleepover in the backyard or you’re stuck in the woods at night with unfavourable weather. The PHAT™ Waterproof Family Camping Tent For 3 People is all you need to make the most of your next adventure, check product page for photos and details.


The innovative design of the tent features an interior pocket to help keep glasses, phones and flashlights organized and out of the way.


The whole package weighs just a little more than 5lbs., so you can easily strap it onto your back for a hiking trip and set it up when you reach the next campsite, using just the three, lightweight foldable rods included in the package. The tent’s total dimensions measure 126″ x 88 9/16″ x 51 3/16″ and includes a carrying bag.


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Halloween decorations are vital to throwing seasonal parties, dressing up your home for trick-or-treaters, and celebrating at school and work. Right now, you can get the best Halloween party accessories cheaper than anywhere else in the country at!


We want to show you the top five decorations and accessories you can get to prepare for Halloween this year, but first, we must tell you about our special shipping deal. Order five or more different products, and you’ll get free shipping nationwide.


We’ve got warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you live, you’ll get what you need well before the big night. If you’re shopping last minute, you can even add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95, to make sure it arrives within a day or two. Let’s talk about our most popular items this year.


We have four main types of decoration: confetti, tissue decorations, hanging decorations, and banners.


Our best deal on confetti is the 10oz. bag of Multicolour Foil Confetti, useful for any theme of party, now just $3.99. Throw it around your rec room, patio, or classroom to make everything sparkle. Alternatively, you could stock up on black Star Confetti, to give your guests that sinister goth vibe, priced at just $1.29 per half-ounce bag.


We also have Mini Puff Tissue Party Decorations, 3 per package, for just $1.99. Available in black, orange, and a dozen other colours, these 8” diameter tissue puffs can be hung up to give your party a festive mood.


Similar in shape, but a little bit bigger are the Honeycomb Paper Tissue Balls, 8” in diameter, just $0.99 each. These Tissue Ball decorations, available in black and four other colours, are easy to put up and give your festivities an accent of colour that really enhances the atmosphere.


Hang up one of these Metallic Tinsel Fringe Photo Backdrops in your doorway for just $6.99. Great at adding pizazz to your selfies, these photo backdrops, available in either gold or silver, will entice your guests to strike a pose and show off their costumes when they arrive to your event!


Why not consider the classics, like the 81-foot Crepe Paper Party Streamer Decoration, now just $0.99 each? Available in black, orange, and many other colours, these make for an abundant and cheap paper decoration to spruce up your night-time gathering and give it that traditional party vibe!


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See the Best Camping Double Hammocks in Canada for Summer 2018 and Beyond!

Finding the best camping hammocks for your camping trip can be a fun upgrade from sleeping out on the cold ground. Hammock camping has revolutionized the way many Canadians camp. As a lightweight and more comfortable alternative to traditional tent camping, hammocks have risen in popularity in the past few years. If you love camping, you’re going to love using a hammock.


For the best camping double hammocks in Canada for summer 2018, visit Find an optimum hammock camping experience at an affordable price. Imagine the feeling of being gently rocked to sleep while having the stars scattered above and nature all-around. A hammock is all about getting you maximizing your comfort while being out in the elements. Unlike tents which require large, dry, flat areas for setup, a hammock can be installed anywhere between two trees. A hammock is lighter than any tent, easier to set up, and for fast trips around Canada, they’re perfect.


The Lightweight Portable Nylon Double Hammock, Parachute Material – GreenWise™ has been voted by our consumers as one of the best camping double hammocks in Canada in 2018. Use it for all of your traveling, camping, backpacking, and/or backyard needs. This double hammock is equipped with a gourd buckle for easy use, a maximum support weight of up to 700 pounds, and a large enough size to suit most camping applications. Crafted with high-strength breathable Nylon fabric, your double hammock is light, quick-drying, mildew-resistant, and machine washable. For only $29.99, receive your Nylon double hammock with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


Browsing the best camping double hammocks in Canada, this recommendation can be held up against any of them. Especially at its inexpensive price point, it’s tough to beat. For anyone who has trouble sleeping on the ground, make camping easy for you with a double hammock like this. We all know how challenging a terrain Canada is. The weather conditions can change at the snap of the fingers and all of a sudden, we can be completely left out in the rain when we’re expecting sun. The added features on this double hammock make the world of difference and the price is exquisite. Instead of spending upwards of $200 and above, get the same high quality model from for a fraction of the cost and with shipping included.


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See the Most Perfect Jewelry Necklace Wooden Organizer Case with Mirror from!

The accumulation of jewelry requires its own organizer case of some variety. Jewelry is not the kind of thing you want to toss in the drawer and forget about. Jewelry’s the type of thing you want to show off and ensure that it’s being stored appropriately.


After you find yourself with three or four different pieces, that’s the perfect time to buy a jewelry necklace wooden organizer case. Thanks to one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies in this space, is providing the most perfect jewelry necklace wooden organizer case with mirror on discount.

wooden jewel box
wooden jewel box has numerous jewelry organizers to browse however one that has become a customer favourite is the following. Including fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, buy the Jewelry Necklace Chest Organizer Wooden Carved Flowers Box Case with Makeup Mirror – SortWise for $39.99.


Be it for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, we’re sure this is going to make the perfect jewelry organizer product. The jewelry wooden box comes complete with beautifully carved flowers on the lid and features six layers.


There’s the top compartment for more frequently used accessories combined with five slide-out drawers with different-sized grids to maximize the amount of storage available. The top lid also has a mirror which can provide some peace of mind when trying on different pieces and getting the look just right before going out. Also, the classic black velvet fabric inside protects the jewelry from being scratched.


Ideal for personal use, shop display, and/or home decoration, this jewelry necklace wooden organizer case can come in handy for a wide range of uses. Use it according to how you please. This elegant fashion jewelry box has received a number of top customer reviews from across Canada and though we have other options found throughout our eCommerce catalogue, can recognize a customer favourite when we see it.


There are a vast array of jewelry organizers to choose from including the Jewelry Box With Watch Slot Removable 2nd Drawer And Compartment Divider 2 Layer – SortWise™ for $29.99, the Jewelry Cabinet Chest Organizer For Bedroom Assembled 9 Layers Earing Ring Watch Storage – SortWise™ for $49.99, the Large Leather Jewelry Box Table Top Jewelry Chest 6 Layers And Removeable Drawers / Black SortWise™ for $69.99, and the Acrylic Cosmetic Jewelry Storage Makeup Organizer Removable Drawer Extra Large Cube – SortWise™ for $59.99. Shop with today to find the latest discounts, deals, and exclusives on jewelry necklace wooden organizers and more.