Using Halloween Horror Nights and Universal Monsters for your Halloween Inspiration

The Universal Studios monster collection remain a tremendous source of inspiration for Halloween party enthusiasts. The Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolf Man, and others are Halloween icons. In celebration of their enduring popularity, Universal Studios every year hosts ‘Halloween Horror Nights’. If you’re throwing your own Halloween party this year but don’t really know where to begin, we recommend checking into some of the recent Halloween Horror Nights and/or looking at the Universal Monster collection for inspiration.

The horror genre runs year-round worldwide. To this day, so much of the TV, movies, and books released are built around traditional Halloween iconography. In the same way others have, use it! Something like Dracula can be manipulated to suit adult audiences just like it can to a more family-friendly environment. Consider an unexpected spin on a character, or why not incorporate multiple Universal Monster statues throughout your Halloween party – the possibilities are almost endless. Before guests invade your Halloween party, take advantage of popular Halloween icons and take inspiration from some of the best creators of horror of the last century.

Halloween Horror Nights by Universal Studios has been making use of its classic horror monsters for years. Every year, there seems to be a new contemporary twist on Halloween mainstays. An extension of a horror film legacy that can be traced back to the 1920s, Halloween Horror Nights still presents quite the scare to attendees. At its core, Halloween Horror Nights are a great representation of what the holiday is about. It’s made for having fun, taking in the night with friends, and doing things or wearing things that maybe you normally wouldn’t. Paying homage to what’s going on in the culture at the time, reaching back into our childhoods, and enjoying each other’s company are reasons why many adults are willing to put in a lot of effort for Halloween parties. If you’re playing the role of host, the pressure is definitely on! Creatures of the night are readying to come out and play, and it’s up to you to build the playground!

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Halloween has had many different meanings over the years. It has a history in Western Christianity, Celtic harvest festivals, Gaelic and pagan cultural roots, and today, it’s a celebration of horror and fright culture. To each Canadian, it might mean something a little different. For young kids, it’s all about trick or treating. For adults, it’s the ultimate opportunity to attend or throw a Halloween costume party. For families, it’s all about carving pumpkins. For teenagers, it might be more about visiting haunted houses, telling scary stories among friends, playing Halloween pranks, and watching episodes of horror TV shows and movies.


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4 Amazing Halloween Crafts for Kids made Possible with Party and Craft Supplies

For young kids, Halloween party is tons and tons of fun. For parents to see the fun their kids are having, it’s an indescribable experience. Before you get to Halloween, try to plan out the day as best as you can to keep things fun and going for you and your kids. Evidently, some Halloween crafts are more complicated than others. That said, there are plenty of Halloween crafts ideas for kids that vary in complexity. If you’re looking for ways to make things spooky sweet, here are some amazing Halloween crafts for kids.

Mummy jars

If you happen to have some extra canning jars around the house, take two or three. Select different coloured transparent paper and wrap each jar in a different color. From there, find yourself some white shoelaces and carefully wrap the paper-covered jar mummy-style. Consider adding some eyes, a nose, or a smile to complete the package.


Handprint spiders


More cute than scary of course, handprint spiders are very easy to accomplish. All you need is some black construction paper and googly eyes. Take the black construction paper and have a child trace their hands on it using a pencil. Then, cut out the hands. Now, cut out a circle and place two googly eyes on the circle. Now, take the hands and glue them to the back of the circle. There you have it!


Jack-o-lantern rocks


If you live nearby somewhere where you have rocks at your disposal, grab a few medium-sized round rocks and take an afternoon to paint them in orange. From there, you can use white paint to create different faces over your new ‘pumpkin rocks’. If you’re looking to avoid having the kids hopped up on sugar with nothing to do, arts and crafts ideas like these are a great way to divert attention on Halloween.


Customized Halloween masks


If you have some thick black cardboard, there are plenty of templates on the Internet you can find to cut out premade face masks. There’s Frankensteins, cat masks, and more. Find the right mask that represents your child’s personality and make the cut!


These Halloween crafts for kids and others are made possible via’s party and craft supplies. Even though we know it’s still summer, it’s never too early to get started on Halloween shopping. Make it fun for you and the kids with these craft ideas and others. Please feel encouraged to check in with for all your Halloween craft supplies and Halloween party supplies!

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Finding the best camping hammocks for your camping trip can be a fun upgrade from sleeping out on the cold ground. Hammock camping has revolutionized the way many Canadians camp. As a lightweight and more comfortable alternative to traditional tent camping, hammocks have risen in popularity in the past few years. If you love camping, you’re going to love using a hammock.


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