Light up the holiday with these Christmas gift ideas from!

Winter has too many nights, and we’ve got the Christmas gift ideas that will let you shine bright throughout the season exclusively online at!

We’re talking about lights, of course, and we’ve got a huge selection of LED lamps and string lights that make great small gifts, especially for the bookworm and workhorse in your family.

Starting out looking at the LIVINGbasics™ LED Desk Lamp, regularly $19.99, on sale now for only $14.99, this is the perfect light for students, night owls, stay-at-home parents, and telecommuters working from home.

Featuring 7 colours along the base of the lamp, that works as a sort of nightlight that changes to set the mood, the lamp also has a touch sensor to turn it on and off, a rechargeable battery, and calendar, thermometer, and clock, too. Boasting three levels of brightness, the LED Desk Lamp comes with a USB charging cable and DC wall adapter, and a 35000-hour lifespan.

We also sell the LightingBox® LED Desk Lamp for the everyday low price of $19.99. This LED lamp features a chromatic colour base that cycles through 256 different colours. Also boasting three-level brightness, touch-sensitive control, and a 1000mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery, it’s dimmable and wireless just like the desk lamp we mentioned beforehand.

Last, but not least, we have the LIVINGbasics™ 100 LED String Lighting, normally $9.99 each, now on clearance for just $2.99! With 10 metres in length, this cable has 8 different flash settings, including: combination, wave, sequential, slow glow, chasing flash, slow fade, twinkle flash, and static on.

Water-resistant and rated IP46 weather-proof, these lights make great indoor and outdoor decorations, no matter what your lifestyle! String them up on top of your kitchen cabinets, along the ceiling in your rec room or basement apartment, or even in your dorm room, to add a bit of warmth to your favourite place at home. Available in warm and cool light, these lights can also be used to decorate your Christmas tree this year.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad from!

Christmas gift ideas for Dad are everywhere all throughout our Christmas gift ideas catalogue at!

We’ve got something for every dad this holiday season with a wide selection of great products for home, work, and life. Whether your dad is a handyman, a businessman, or a grease monkey, we’ve got something for you to give him to show him your respect and care this holiday season.

Take for instance our super popular Professional Watch Repair Kit, just $11.99! This 13-piece toolkit includes everything necessary for repairing watches, timepieces, electronics such as cell phones and laptops, and more! Tools such as the stainless steel tweezers, watch back opener, screwdrivers, and watchband remover are essential to the watch repair process. If your dad even slightly resembles MacGyver or Inspector Gadget, this is the toolset for him!

Perhaps your father is more of a suit and tie kinda guy. For him, we have the SortWise™ Small Watch Box, regularly $15.99, now on sale for only $9.99! This black leather watch box display case has a soft velvet interior for protecting designer watches from scratches, dust, and hard surfaces, with a windowed lid and safety latch to keep the box closed. Suitable for watches big and small, the case measures 16.8cm x 11cm x 7.8cm, with watch grids measuring 9cm x 5cm x 4cm, whose velvet pillows are removable.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the SortWise™ Trunk Organizer Bin, normally $35.99, now on sale for just $18.99! This portable cargo carrier fits in the back of your dad’s favourite car, giving him storage for large objects such as sports equipment, power tools, and small lumber, with additional side straps for carrying tools, handyman gear, and more. Made of durable, waterproof material, this large storage bin fits all vehicles and greatly increases the storage capacity of any trunk.

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Canadians come to for many reasons. As a hub of party supplies and decorations, has the market cornered for events ranging from Halloween to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more. Year-round, shoppers will find they nab greater bargains with than anywhere.


This Halloween, wants to be Canada’s one-stop destination for all things spooky! After having put in a lot of the leg work to get the best quality products at a significantly lower price point than in corporate retail, we are inviting consumers in to get the best Halloween supplies from us.


With Halloween comes a lot of different possibilities. There’s the Halloween costume you’ll assume, the Halloween party you’ll either throw or be attending, and then, there’s the decorations you may want to display around the house. If you’re looking to stand out, it can be a lot to buy. gives you a chance to cut down on expenses. If you buy in bulk, you may find yourself having saved more than a few bucks by the time you check out. Needless to say, dressing up this Halloween just got a little less expensive! As a go-to spot for the most creative of looks, choose from pre-defined costumes, accessories, and decorations, or create your own using some of’s popular Halloween supplies.


Just a few of the Halloween supplies on-sale via, these include a colored plastic table cover in both rectangular and circular arrangements, Halloween cutlery, party streamers, hanging pom poms, mini puff tissues, honeycomb paper balls, round paper lanterns, paper fans, napkins, party streamers, hanging swirl decorations, Halloween lights, and more. Available on limited-time discount are kids’ Halloween costumes, including ghosts, ghouls, tutus, unicorns, gothic princesses, skeletons, hot dogs, angels, gothic vampires, white ninjas, witches, little red riding hood, cottage princess, nurse, doctor, pirate, and more.


No one does Halloween better than Canada’s #1 eCommerce Halloween store, Go with classic Halloween iconography or buck tradition and come up with something truly original. If you’re looking to come up with a costume, decorations, or Halloween party supplies that no one else has, has got everything you need.


The average Canadian, this year, will spend between $100 and $200 for Halloween. Save a little bit for yourself by shopping with There’s a high value in shopping with discount stores and thrift stores. Halloween doesn’t need to be so expensive. Save on costs and save on shipping with Get creative and without breaking the bank!

What is an Infrared Thermometer and Do I need one for me – all your Questions answered!

An infrared thermometer analyzes an object’s temperature by identifying the thermal radiation emitted from what’s being measured. Infrared thermometers are also sometimes referred to as ‘laser thermometers’, ‘non-contact thermometers’, or ‘temperature guns’. All in all, these are all the same tool. If you’re seeking the right tool to help measure temperature at a distance, an infrared thermometer is exactly it.


A non-contact IR infrared thermometer is hard to find at a great price. Visit today, one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce solutions, to find an amazing infrared thermometer at a fraction of the cost you may pay elsewhere. The PrimeCables model provides all the unique advantages of a digital temperature gun sensor for only $16.99. Features include sound notification, laser target pointer, a measuring range of up to 380 degrees Celsius, and powered entirely by two AAA size batteries.


Using this non-contact infrared digital thermometer, all a user needs to do is point, aim, and measure. In an instant, receive a reading based on surface temperature measurements. The laser visual guidance is a big advantage as well, letting you know you’re scanning the right spot at all times. Practical in both indoor and outdoor situations, measure extreme temperatures with ease. Be it to identify the temperature of internal electronic components to oven temperatures, the measurement range included surpasses that of similar products. Exceeding the boiling points of many materials, there’s no telling the limitations of use for this infrared thermometer.


As a Canadian homeowner, if you are in need of a non-contact thermometer on a regular basis, you can’t go wrong with the PrimeCables model. Please note that infrared thermometers emit no radiation and are not considered harmful to kids. Technically, an infrared thermometer can even be used to measure the temperature of a human being’s forehead. Do keep in mind that infrared thermometers measure predominantly surface temperatures rather than internal temperatures thus using it for food safety purposes may have its limitations.


For more information on where to buy an infrared thermometer in Canada, shop Providing customers with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, combine this purchase with other products to meet the threshold.


Use an infrared thermometer today to obtain accurate temperature readings instantly without ever having to make contact from tool to object. The PrimeCables’ digital temperature gun is second-to-none in application and first in line on price. Shop with today.

Order Halloween party supplies online at!

Halloween supplies and Halloween party accessories are available now at! We’ve got table covers, disposable glassware, utensils, straws, napkins, balloons, doodads and more to make sure you’ve got what you need to celebrate this Halloween.

Buy halloween decoration online at
Buy halloween decoration online at

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For table covers, we’ve got you covered! Right now, you can get this Rectangular Plastic Table Cover for just $0.99. Measuring at 54” x 108”, this easy-to-clean, easy-to-throw away, cheap and effective plastic cover is perfect for hosting parties with many unfamiliar guests who may not know the rules about using coasters in your living room. Or add it to your dining room table to add a splash of colour for your family gathering. Available in more than two dozen colours, it couldn’t get easier than this!


We also have the similar Round Plastic Table Cover, available for just $1.29 and measuring at 84” in diameter.

halloween party accessories and recoration
Halloween party accessories and decoration

We’re proud to offer you a wide selection of disposable drinking cups for a variety of events. This Halloween, you can choose from several of the following options to best serve your guests, whether you’re providing the drinks or hosting a BYOB event, we’ve got what you need.


The LIVING basics™ Premium Party 10oz. Plastic Disposable Tumbler with Silver Rim comes in a package of 8, on sale now for just $1.69. Fancy and sophisticated, these tumblers are good for serving punch, sangria, and the like.


The LIVING basics™ Premium Party 6oz. Plastic Disposable Wine Glass with Silver Rim also comes in a package of 8, on sale now for just $1.99.


If you’re having a party at college or university, then get the tried and true Red Beer Cups, in a package of 12, on sale for just $0.99.


Last, but not least, why not consider getting the LIVINGbasics™ Premium Plastic Party Tableware Combo Kit, in white with silver? We have numerous bundles, on sale starting at $4.99. Get enough to serve 8, 20, or whatever combination of guests you have with these beautiful combo kits.


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Get the best blow dryer in Canada for under $30 at!

Having a blow dryer on the go is crucial to making sure every day is a good hair day. Right now, you can get our 1875W travel blow dryer on sale for just $19.99 at


The LIVINGbasics™ Lightweight 1875W Blow Dryer with Dual Overheat Protection is the best bang for your buck. This portable travel hair dryer is not only portable, safe, and powerful, but it’s loaded with features, such as:

blow dryer from
blow dryer from
  • Dual Overheat Protection, which includes an intelligent temperature controller and flame-retardant mica sheet that makes this device ETL-approved;
  • hot and cool air, allowing you to release cool air to lock-in style quickly and easily;
  • lightweight portability, weighing just 500g, making it lighter and more convenient to use than conventional hotel hair dryers;
  • 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings, powered by a 16000 RPM motor & wave-shaped heating wire inside;
  • the 1875W wave-shaped heating wire which delivers faster and more balanced heat;
  • and, lastly, the ACLI Safety Plug that automatically turns off the power supply during unsafe operation.


The 16000 RPM high-quality motor and fan gives you powerful heat and cool air drying, so you can start the day off right every day, no matter where you’re working or travelling. It even comes with a concentrator and diffuser, so you can give yourself a professional, salon-quality blow dry for textured- or smooth-styled hair.


You won’t find a more practical, powerful, lightweight portable blow dryer anywhere in Canada, and right now, you can save big on the LIVINGbasics™ Lightweight 1875W Blow Dryer with Dual Overheat Protection, regularly $29.99, now just $19.99!


Add it to your shopping cart and keep shopping, we have loads of small appliances and electronics for home comfort and cleaning, too, many of which feature the same low-cost, high-powered motor and fan combo as in our travel blow dryer.


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Better and cheaper than Instant Pot, LIVING basics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker!

The LIVING basics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker is on sale now at for just $59.99 and includes free shipping. This programmable cooker is cheaper and boasts more features than the Instant Pot. 16 settings, 1000W of power, and available in both a 5- and a 6-oz. stainless steel model, making this the best pressure cooker on the market!


The 16 different programs include options for cooking multigrains, meat and stew, poultry, soup, beans and chili, white rice, brown rice, steamed vegetables, slow cooked meals, boiling pasta, steamed potatoes, hot pot, saute and browning, baking, reheating, and yogurt. On top of these built-in programs, there’s also a DIY setting, so you can cook whatever any way you like.


The stainless steel inner pot makes for convenient use and easy cleaning. The 1000W power makes cooking with the LIVINGbasics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker up to 70% faster than traditional cookware. Just put it in, select your pressure setting, and when it’s done, release the pressure with the click of a button!


Safe and reliable, the LIVINGbasics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker is ETL, FDA, and FCC certified, and includes seven proven safety mechanisms: one for opening and closing the lid, pressure control, maintaining pressure, temperature control, one button for releasing pressure and steam, as well as a thermostat and anti-block device.


It makes an excellent anniversary or wedding gift, and even birthday present, just read our customer reviews!


It’s easy, it’s intelligent, it’s safe, and it’s healthy. The LIVINGbasics™ Programmable Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker in Canada, for its affordability, functionality, and safety.


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