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When it comes to Christmas Xmas shopping lists, buy your favourite presents and shop gift ideas at As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites in holiday shopping, browse party decorations, Christmas party supplies, gift ideas, gift wrapping products, and more.


Christmas gift idea from
Christmas gift idea from

To some degree, Christmas is all about sticking to tradition, and what we know and love. In time though, Christmas lights burn out and break, our holiday decorations see their color fade, and party supplies end up in the trash at the end of the night. Every year, you’ve got to replenish everything that’s on the verge of being tossed.


This year, consider buying ahead. Upgrade your Christmas decorations inside and out, shop new gift wrapping accessories and Christmas wrapping paper, and create something truly unique. Regarding that last point, the holidays are a lot about sticking to the Christmas traditions we love but what we believe is that every December is the perfect opportunity to cultivate new family traditions. It can be something as simple as creating a traditional Christmas breakfast to buying inflatable decorations to set up outside or to buy new holiday lights.


You may also hope to browse new holiday recipes or trendy decorating ideas for the Christmas tree. It’s all in what you want your Christmas to be for you and your family. Nevertheless, it never hurts to see what’s out there. is a discount Christmas store shopping hundreds of decorations and gift ideas you might be interested in. Adorn the home with only what you’re interested in and commemorate the special occasion with something unique. Give family members something to remember and/or throw the ultimate Christmas party for yourself.


Every year, you may ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over other people’s decorations, trees, and outdoor Christmas displays. There’s no reason that can’t be you and your home. Christmas is never complete without your own unique flare throw in. If you have kids, this is a great opportunity to invite them in to participate in the Christmas decoration buying process. Let them choose their favourite! If you’re on budget, no worries – there’s plenty of handmade crafts for Christmas to jump on.


For the diversity of the holiday shopping season, at, we look forward to Christmas all year-round. Though Halloween’s a big season for us, Christmas is still very much its own beast. Counting down the days like so many other families do, experience Christmas 2018 the exact way you want to. Keep it comfortable, familiar, and nostalgic, or switch it up. It’s all in the perspective! Shop to see the holiday discounts.

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Update: Some of the items are still in stock, feel free to check it out, it might be good for the next summer!

This week, from October 29 to November 3, you can score amazing deals on select products from our warehouse stock at! We’re upgrading our warehouse, so we’re offering up to 80% off some of our best items.


Take for example our 2-Door Walk-In Outdoor Greenhouse, regularly $89.99, now on sale for just $39.99! This tunnel-like greenhouse measures 10 x 6 ½ x 6 ½, meaning you can set it up in your backyard, in your driveway, or on your back deck, and garden through the damp and cold of the end of the year anywhere in Canada. Heavy-duty and weather-proof, the 2-Door Walk-In Greenhouse has zippered rolling doors and ventilation windows, so you can use it all year round to tend to your garden in any season. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else!


You can also get unbeatable prices on products such as the PrimeCables® Electric Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame, normally $259.99, now on sale for only $169.99 and including free shipping nationwide! This ergonomic desk riser gives you the ability to switch from sitting to standing position while you’re at work, in your cubicle or home office, allowing you to stretch and improve your productivity, circulation, and posture all at once. Simple DIY installation, just add your favourite table top and enjoy the electric control of this desk riser no matter what your job.


One of our hottest products is on sale, too, the Moustache® 3-Piece Luggage Set, usually $149.99, on sale for just $99.99, including free shipping nationwide. These aluminum alloy trolleys feature TSA Customs code locks, lightweight design, and silent wheels, making travel easier than ever before. Travel in style with this 3-piece luggage set which makes a great holiday gift for those departing south for vacation this winter.


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It’s never too soon to start Christmas shopping in Canada, and there’s no better way to get everything you need this holiday season than by shopping online at, where you’ll find the best deals, the coolest electronics, party supplies, gift wrap, and hottest gifts to give this year with every shipping option you could imagine.


We have Christmas & New Year Party Supplies!


Our most popular item right now is the LIVINGbasics™ Santa Emoji Pillow, regularly $7.99, now on sale for just $4.99! This 32cm diameter smiling Santa pillow is the perfect throw pillow to give your family and friends a warm welcome to join you on the sofa this winter. The super soft plush design makes it ideal for that spare guest or family member who can’t fit on the couch and prefers to sit in a chair or on the floor by the fire with this comfy and cozy pillow.

Christmas emoji pillow
Christmas emoji pillow

We also have the LIVINGbasics™ Holiday Patterned Tape, for just $0.99 per 10m roll. Available in three different styles, these rolls of tape feature snowflakes, candy canes, and Merry Christmas on them, giving you the chance to zhuzh up your gift wrapping, holiday cards, or paper crafts. You can write on them in pen, pencil, or marker, too, and it tears easily and squarely every time.


A good tool to purchase alongside the tape is our Mini Tape Dispenser with Tape, usually $3.99, now on sale for just $2.59 while supplies last. This tape gun is perfect for wrapping everyone’s gifts up in a row. Available in black and in red, get whichever one you prefer to use this holiday season and cut your present preparation time in half with this easy-to-use device.

Last, but not least, check out the LIVINGbasics™ Christmas Kraft Paper Bags, available in various sizes and styles for just $1.99! Including 4 large bags per package, or 6 medium or small per pack, depending on which size you order, these simple and cheerful Christmas bags feature seasonal designs such as “Merry Christmas!”, Santa and his reindeer, and polar bears, penguins, snowmen and the like. Just add tissue wrap, bows, or ribbons, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly wrapped present to give!


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Stay tuned on our Black Friday 2018 


On Halloween night, you need to have your costume, decorations, and party supplies well prepared and within or under budget. To help you get all the Halloween decorations, indoor and outdoor, to decorate your home, we’re offering slashed prices with free shipping nationwide, exclusively on


Here’s a list of some our most popular Halloween decorations on sale now:


Our best-selling Halloween Hanging Skeleton Ghost, available in brown, black, gray, and purple, regularly $6.59, now on sale for just $1.99! This versatile decoration, which measures 24” by 15”, can be hung up in your front yard tree or garden, on your front doorstep, or inside your house in the entrance or living room, to scare guests and visitors in the nighttime. Limited supplies remaining!


We also have the popular Halloween LED Motion Light Projector Indoor & Outdoor, normally $29.99, now on sale for only $19.99! Set up this high-quality light projector on your front lawn, beside your house, or indoors, to project a combination of spooky designs, including skull, spider, ghost, and bat characters in a colourful array. An easy and simple DIY setup, the box Includes ground stake for outdoor installations and holder for indoors.


The Light-Up Maple Leaf Tree is the perfect interior decorative light for your Halloween get together this year. Originally $39.99, this 32” tall, battery-operated LED Maple Leaf Tree lamp is now on sale for just $13.99 while supplies last! Use it during Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and throughout autumn, as well, to spruce up your home with this cozy light. AA batteries not included.


Cheap and easy, the Halloween Crashed Witch Halloween Decoration Poster 22″ x 60″ is on sale for just $0.99! This fun crashed witch banner can be hung up or taped up in many places not suitable for decorations, such as along the side of your patio deck, garage door, above the front doorstep to give your visitors a giggle, or inside your home to make your guests a chuckle every time they run into her.


We have warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so whether you reside in Kingston or Calgary, you’ll get what you need in a few days’ time, two weeks at most for remote locations.


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We’re halfway through the month of October already and Halloween is fast approaching. You already declined the invitation to dress up or didn’t expect to make plans, but now you need something quick, easy and affordable to wear to celebrate Halloween this year? Look no further than!


Consider getting the Halloween Evil Eyes Light-Up Mask Adult Batteries Included 10″x7″, regularly $29.99, on sale now for just $10.99, and available in limited supply in three styles! This one-size-fits-all adult Halloween mask features battery-powered eyes that light-up, with batteries included, so you can throw it on top of a dark outfit and be ready to attend the costume contest on campus or pass out candy to neighbourhood kids with minimal effort! Made out of all natural materials that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, this mask is great for costumes all year round.


Check out the Halloween Crazy Clown Mask Evil Clown Frontal Latex Mask 10″ x 8″, usually $29.99, on sale now for just $4.99! Available in green, red, or white, this full-faced latex mask takes the effort out of applying messy clown makeup to your face so you can simply put it on and get out the door to attend the events of the evening. Colourful hair, scary teeth, and fully latex, just leave it in a well-ventilated place for a few days before wearing it to get rid of the smell and adjust the fit by stretching it and cutting the eyeholes open as necessary.


Last, but certainly not least, look at this popular Halloween Bobble Hedz Mask Combo, including Trump Mask + Putin Mask + Kim Jong-un Mask, priced to sell, down from $59.97 to just $9.99! These goofy, oversized authoritarian world leader masks are sure to spark controversy wherever you wear them this Halloween. Fun for year-round trolling, walk into any party this October and you’ll be starring on social media stories faster than the President can get the nuclear codes!


We have warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so whether you reside in Calgary or Kelowna, you’ll get what you need in about a week, two weeks at most for remote locations.


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Unique Halloween decorations on sale now at!

This October, if you’ve just gotta go all out decorating your home with ghouls, ghosts, creepy-crawlies, or whatever, then we’ve got the best deals for you on indoor and outdoor decorations exclusively at!


This Halloween, why don’t you add a little more spook to your doorway to scare trick-or-treating neighbours with this Halloween Animated Eyeball Haunted Doorbell with Light up Eyes & Spooky Sounds, originally priced at $25.99, now on sale for only $9.99, and available in two styles. This cheap and easy to install novelty eyeball doorbell lights up, moving around and blinking, and makes terrifying sounds when rung, so you can get the most fright and delight out of all the visitors who come knocking at your front door. Measuring 20cm tall, 13.5cm wide, and 5cm in depth, this doorbell operates using 3 AAA batteries, included in the box.


If you’re a fan of spirits and visitors from the afterlife, then we’ve got just the thing for you with this Halloween Hanging Ghost with Chain 39″ x 35″ in white, regularly $18.59, now on sale for just $7.59! This approximately 100cm tall hanging ghost figure can be hung up in your patio, front porch, or front yard tree to give trick-or-treaters on their way up from the sidewalk on the big night. The mixed material body, complete with spooky face and chained up hands, is sure to send a shiver down the spine of any neighbourhood children who dare approach your front door this Halloween season. Also available in green and black, get it while supplies last!


We even have this fun Halloween Hanging Ghost Lantern 4Ft, normally $39.99, now just $12.99, in limited quantity. The four-foot hanging lantern is designed in the shape of a ghost, with two simple eye sockets and a black hat, giving it the appearance of dressing up for Halloween night, too! Easy to install wherever you need it, indoors or out, set it up at your monster mash and give your guests a giggle or a fright.


When you spend $49 or more before checkout, your order is automatically eligible for free shipping nationwide. We have warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so whether you’re residing in Fredericton or Victoria, you’ll get what you need in about a week, two weeks tops for remote locations.


If you’re under pressure to receive your purchase, you can add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and get it in a day or two, max.


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Big Outdoor Halloween Decorations on sale now at!

This Halloween season you can go big with your decorations on a dime with incredible deals all month long at! Our huge catalogue of indoor and outdoor props includes ghosts, witches, spiders, and bats, so whatever your preference, you can set up something huge on your front lawn or front porch to scare all the visitors of the night. Check out our list of hot products available now at reduced costs below.


Take for instance our Halloween Pathway Marker with Flash Lights Batteries Included 3 x Ghosts 20″, once $25.99, now on sale for just $15.59! These three ghosts are wired together so you can set them up all in a row to mark the walkway leading up to your haunted house, as seen on YouTube. Safe and easy to install, the Halloween Pathway Marker ghosts make a wonderful addition to your collection of spooky lawn decorations for the season and are powered by three AA batteries, included in the package.


We also have this Halloween Airblown Inflatable Spider with Lights & Blower 6ft, regularly $79.99, now on sale for only $42.99! This UL listed inflatable spider figure is certified safe for use indoors and out, so you can put it in position, pin it into the ground with the clips, stakes, and rope included in the bundle, plug it in and watch it self-inflate in seconds! Place it between your entrance and the driveway to give trick-or-treaters a quick jolt of fear as they pass by it on their way to get candy.


Plus, we got the Halloween Hanging Flying Bat Animated with Light-up Eyes & Horrible Sound & Shaky Body 4Ft, originally $39.99, now on sale for just $15.99! This fun decoration can be strung up on your front deck, by the garage, or over a tree branch and frighten your guests and neighbours with its huge, dark figure, red flashing light up eyes, and loud sounds. The wings conceal metal wires which all you to put the bat in any pose and it fits in excellent with any vampire-themed setup.


When you spend $49 or more, you get free shipping nationwide. We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so whether you’re living in Kingston or Kamloops, you’ll get what you need in about a week, two weeks tops for remote locations.


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