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The SortWise™ Closet Sock Organizer, 24-Cell Collapsible Drawer is now just $5.59. This polyester and plastic sock drawer features 24 slots, a foldable, lightweight design, and easy-to-clean structure. You can store it horizontally or vertically inside your closet, dresser, or shelving unit, to hold up to 24 pairs of socks, or any other small knick-knacks, accessories, pairs of underwear you might have to organize.


Twelve inches square and four-and-a-quarter inches high, the polyester material is supported by hollow plate supports made out of lightweight PP plastic. That makes it easy to transport and easy to clean. You can fold it up and tuck it away when not in use to save space in your bedroom or closet. To clean it, simply take a damp cloth or microfiber duster and wipe it down for any dust, lint, or dirt that collects inside. It couldn’t be easier!


Minimize the clutter in your personal space and live a happier life. The SortWise™ Collapsible Closet Sock Organizer gives you a place to sort your socks, underwear, facecloths, towels, handkerchiefs, whatever you need to get out of the way without stuffing under the bed or throwing on the back of your chair. Each slot measures to 7cm x 5cm when all the lattice pieces are inserted, giving you 24 places to put little things that prevent you from making your room look better.


Use it in the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, the landing, the closet, or at work, in the office to give you and your family somewhere to find every little thing, mittens and gloves, headbands and toques, summer socks and winter socks, whatever!


These baskets can be stacked upon one another, maximizing your closet space. They make great presents, too, for friends and family, especially those living away from home to complete their studies.


When you buy $49 or more, your order is eligible for free shipping, anywhere in Canada. We’ve got warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you are, you’ll get what you pay for quickly, in a week or two. If you need it faster, you can add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for $5.95 and get it in a couple of days.


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One of the most popular products in our vast catalogue is the SortWise™ 16-Cube Modular Shelving Storage Organizer Interlocking Cube Unit Wardrobe, for $65.99. This DIY organizer is completely customizable, with 16 interlocking cubes that can be rearranged into storage for shirts, coats, drawers, shoes, umbrellas, clothes, and accessories, fitting everything in your wardrobe into an elegant, modern-looking shelving unit.


Toxic-free, durable and waterproof, the steel framework and translucent doors give you the longest lasting and most practical way to store all you need to get to school, work, and the gym. If your son or daughter is moving away to start post-secondary, this is the perfect storage solution for them. It even comes with free shipping!


All orders of $49 and up include free shipping. Our warehouses are located in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you are in Canada, it should only take a week or two to receive the delivery. If that’s not quick enough for you, add fast shipping on any product for just $5.95 to get what you need in a day or two.


If what you need to organize and store takes up a little less space, then you might want to consider the SortWise™ Shelf Storage Organizer 3-Drawer Unit, for just $29.99.


These small, iron-framed drawers work as a nightstand, closet-sized dresser, and living room organizer, so wherever you need to put stuff away, you have enough room for it all. The breathable, brown linenette drawers and iron framework go well with a wooden décor, perfect for newly furnished apartments and houses. Put away your shirts, pants, underwear, socks, books, electronics, and other belongings in this lightweight, heavy-duty 3-drawer shelving unit. Available in a 4- and 5-drawer setup, as well.


Another popular item that’s very practical is the SortWise™ Over-The-Door Shoe Rack, for just $18.99. Including an adjustable door bracket, this over-the-door shoe rack fits any door, and couldn’t be simpler to install. Just resize it, hang it, and sort up to 36 pairs of shoes on this sturdy, white resin rack. No tools required! Install it with 12, 8, or 4 tiers to fit your entire collection on the back of your bedroom or main hallway door. Ideal for fashionistas and shared accommodations.


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